The Beginning.

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Insight, Rants
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Every great movement or idea starts with just that- a movement…or an idea. Profound, right? I know. Anyway, for both of you reading this, you will be moved. You’ve been preempted. My thoughts, insights, ramblings and rants to follow will surely move you in some fashion, even if it’s just from the couch to your computer.

On a serious note, I have about 445,397,238,983 thoughts go through my head each day that are wasted as they are just that…thoughts that stay within the restrictions of my head. Moving forward, this is where those thoughts will be splattered. They will be open, honest, brash, abrasive, offensive, and will most definitely spark some thought process, for better or worse. What you do with them from there is entirely up to you.

Day 1…will be covered on day 2.


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