When did you decide what you want to do with the rest of your life? When do most people decide? Did you have a vivid epiphany that made it abundantly clear that you were supposed to be a…whatever you are? Does anyone stumble upon their career path that way? I did. Are you jealous?

…Don’t be.

The summer of 2005 redirected my life so far off course from what I had considered normalcy at the time that I am still working to get it back on track, 5 years later. I felt, and still feel, that it is absolutely my destiny to make justice an actual piece of the justice system. First I wanted to be a defense attorney…not a Johnny Cochran type, but someone who verbally abused prosecutors with an overwhelming diction and intimidating demeanor, for a legitimately good cause. I don’t hate prosecutors because of their role in the system, but I hate everything they stand for today. I hate that simple blatancies are overlooked for the sake of personal gain or an improved win-loss record. Whatever the motive, it’s rarely done with justice as the governing mental state.

Recently, given America’s current political realm, I’ve been inspired to do something politically and less law-related. I want my say to count. As a defense attorney I would have to defend countless criminals who have actually committed whatever it is I’m trying to defend for them. Every once in a blue moon I would get to defend someone who legitimately was not guilty of the given charge, and that’d make all the others worth it. However, with politics, there is always something of extreme importance going on, so the likelihood of my voice making a difference would be far greater. And since I tend to be a very opinionated and boisterous person, I feel like I’d get a lot done.

The bailouts would have never happened. Joe Biden would have never happened. Sarah Palin would have never happened. ACORN would have never happened. The Patriot Act would have never happened. Anything remotely close to socialism would have never happened. Welfare would be more stringent. Handouts would not be handouts. Nationalized health care would have never happened. The entire health care reform process would have never happened the way it did. Transparency would have been mandated. Voting in general would be different. I’m not saying I know everything there is to know about politics and/or running candidates or current incumbents, but I am saying that people who voted for Obama because they wanted “change”…without knowing what change they were referring to…should have been punched in the mouth. Continuously. And on that note, people who vote their congressmen and congresswomen for consecutive terms, over and over, but complain about how shitty Congress is as a whole…those persons should also be punched. If you’re unhappy with Congress, stop voting for your congressman or congresswoman. Don’t fix what isn’t broken….but also don’t blame idiocy when its repetition is your fault.

I don’t come from a wealthy family. I’m not attending Harvard, Yale, Princeton or the like…I will graduate from Arizona State University. And whichever law school I get accepted to will not be one of extremely high prestige. I don’t have any family members or close friends who are politically high up in the system, and I’m not receiving handouts that will allow me to progress faster through the political ranks than others have to work for. I’m me. I hone…me. I hone my thoughts and my drive. I hone my passion. My passion makes me an extremely unlikable person, and I’m entirely okay with that if it gets done what needs to be done.

The point of all of this is that I’m not sure what I want to do anymore. I’ve already had my one epiphany that lead me to this current path, and I don’t assume I’ll get another that will direct me more specifically. So how do you decide what to do? How did you?

  1. karincameron says:

    I don't really suppose you want an answer, but maybe you do, probably not from me, but since I'm one of those getting hand-outs from the government, I have the time…As you know I have my Associates, and after waiting so long to get it, and being in "that" job field, ugh, I was done,(but yet I miss it) so that just goes to show you what you go in for, you don't always come out for. So hence, I return to school for something I really wanted in the first place, but was too chicken shit to do in the first place. At my age, I still feel like when I finish, I will be just as lost as ever,(and too old to get hired for anything important) and I surely have an idea of what I want to do "when I grow up" but I surely don't think I will get to do what I plan. I think the question is can we do what we want to do for a career and be happy, or will we always be stuck, trying to achieve a goal that really isn't possible. I don't think we ever know what we want to do, and I think it will always change, but I think when we are honestly happy in our careers then we will know, until then we won't and we will always keep wondering.

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