I’ve got some ranting and complaining to do. Ready? K, go!

…I was preparing myself, not you. Don’t go anywhere.

Though Elena Kagan was President Obama’s Supreme Court appointment, she has not yet been confirmed. If she’s confirmed, I will lose every bit of respect for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Wait, did I respect them in the first place? Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. What is important, however, is that of all of the hundreds of thousands of experienced attorneys and tens of thousands of experienced judges across the United States’ court rooms…Obama picked one who has absolutely ZERO experience as a judge. There are 9 people out of the entirety of America’s population who are chosen to decipher and interpret our Constitution. Nine! How many people are there in the United states? How many Supreme Court Justices are there? Nine! Of all of the candidates and options for appointment, how the shit did Obama land on Elena Kagan? Seriously.

The last Justice to have been confirmed without having any actual judgeship experience was William Rehnquist. He was law clerk for Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson before later being appointed. So though he had no experience as a judge, he had seen the ins and outs of the workings of our great Supreme Court. Elana Kagan has had similar experience. It was brief, and followed by a stint at a private practice, NOT within the workings of the government or Supreme Court. She was appointed Solicitor General over a year ago by President Obama. The Solicitor General is a dream job of mine and one that takes an insurmountable level of legal knowledge and understanding. Essentially, she is the United States’ appointed defense attorney for matters pertaining to Supreme Court issues. The job itself merits experience WITH the Supreme Court, but not for. Since her appointment as such over a year ago, she’s been under the wing of President Obama. She’s from Chicago…surprise, surprise, and was the Dean of Harvard Law. Clearly she’s intelligent and capable of teaching and understanding the law. But the Supreme Court is a beast far more intense than anything she’s had her hands on. The other candidates had tenfold the amount of judgeship and overall legal experience. But Obama chose…her. It’s not possible for me to dislike that man anymore than I do.

And for shits….I’ll throw this in for your reading enjoyment: Kagan was heavily criticized for defending a law that was later deemed unconstitutional. Who cares what it was she was defending…the point is, it was an unconstitutional law. As a Supreme Court Justice, her role would be to do what again? Interpret the Constitution? So if she’s already had issues with that, what makes her a viable option for the open seat? What’s to say she’s not going to continue fucking up simple constitutional issues? We’re all fallible, I get that. But again, going back to the beginning of this rant…there are NINE of these people dedicated to this job. Given its extreme rarity as an employment opportunity and the fact that there are NINE out of the zillions and quadrismurfigillions of people in the U.S…you’d think the room for error would be minimal, if not nonexistent, right? Apparently Obama’s okay with mediocrity. Awesome.

Here’s another tidbit you conspiracy theorists might find attractive: Kagan was a member of the Research Advisory Council for Goldman Sachs from 2005-08. Surprised? Nor am I.

More rants later. Feel free to express comments, even if they’re entirely offensive or in complete disagreement with my disgust for Kagan…or Obama for that matter. But if you’re going to take an opposition, be able to defend it intelligently.

Thanks, kids!

  1. The Truth says:

    So, in all seriousness…how do you get experience doing something until you actually do it? How are police officers or firefighers every allowed to begin their carreers with just a knowledge of what to do, but no actual experience?

    I would rather have someone with a vast knowledge of the law than many years as a judge who is just a moron.

    More on point with a reason to not want her to be confirmed is her comment saying the Supreme Court’s mission was to “show a special solicitude for the despised and the disadvantaged.” The Constitution does not show any special solicitued to the despised or disadvantaged and neither should the court.

    Oh, and here is another one for the conspiricy nuts: Obama and Kagan tought law at the same university in Chicago. AND someone named Rober Kagan is a member of the Trilateral Commission…any relation?

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