Who voted “Yes” on Prop 100? …Punch yourselves.

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Law. Government. Garbage., Politics, Rants
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Yesterday, Arizonans voted on Prop 100 to decide whether or not to increase Arizona’s sales tax by 1% for a three year period to go toward schools and the education system. Joke. The bill is a joke. If you voted “Yes,” punch yourself in the eye socket, and ask yourself why. You’re likely unsure, so let me go ahead and tell you why you did, and why it was stupid.

The local controversy over the proposed bill had escalated tenfold recently, as proponents and opponents argued their yes’ and no’s and their reason for each. The state of Arizona’s educational system is ranked 49th of 50. Basically, if Arizona is able to pass a student that is able to spell his or her own name before the summation of their 12th grade, it is considered a success. Clearly, money and efficiency needs to be dedicated to fixing this problem, and Prop 100 was supposed to be the bill to do so. However, there are a handful of problems with this…let’s explore:

1) In this economic state, why….WHY are we raising taxes on things we are already not able to afford?

2) Of the monies to be accumulated from this proposal over the next 3 years, what percentage actually goes toward the education system? And exactly where to? And what mandates are there for this, assuring that the money does in fact go toward boosting Arizona’s educational system? I’ll give you a hint…100% of the monies do not go toward improving education. If you’re unaware of the percentage, research it. And pretend not to be angry afterward.

3) A similar proposal was presented in 2001, Prop 301. It passed, and the sales tax increased from 5% to 5.6%, of which the monies were supposed to improve Arizona’s educational system. Clearly, that failed. And worse, the sales tax never went back down, and has since only increased, while STILL not improving the educational system even remotely. What’s it called when you continue to repeat fallacies? Insanity? Incompetency? Ineptitude?

4) Since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, both sides of this issues do NOT have to be stated and the populus does not have to be informed. This is where we failed. The only thing that the majority of the public was presented with, was that “Prop 100 would help Arizona’s educational system!” Well, no, no it wouldn’t…but no one presented the reasons why it wouldn’t. It didn’t need to be.

This excerpt was taken from AZCentral.com:

“Proposition 100 won’t solve the budget crisis that has hit Arizona schools. It’s a three-year tax expected to generate about $3 billion, some of which would be appropriated for education. But it might be enough of an economic boost to save some sports programs” (Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/sports/preps/articles/2010/03/25/20100325proposition-100-arizona-high-school-sports.html#ixzz0oOWPju3J).

Why in the Jesus Christ is anyone emphasizing school sports as a major factor in this, one way or another?! The fact that it’s even mentioned boils my blood, as it should yours. Again, to reiterate, Arizona’s students are borderline retarded, and we’re focusing monies, in a recession, on school sports? I’m a huge sports fan….HUGE fan, but even I can’t validate something this ridiculous. If the bill is passed, the money needs to be spent toward EDUCATION, and it needs to be mandated, with specific allottments to specific areas. And these areas do NOT need to include school sports, arts, music and excessive extracurricular activities. Though I agree that they’re important, they are not important enough to waste more money on while leaving education on the back burner. My 1% says that young minds are far more important. It also says that since this did not work previously, the efficiency of those disbursing the funds have failed, and will most likely fail again as there is nothing assuring that they won’t. Each one of you who voted “Yes” have failed x1%. And not only have you given away a portion of Arizona’s hard-earned money, but you’ve, again, failed your children and the educational system in which they…excel.

  1. Karin says:

    School sports are incredible important in the actual eduction of a child. Along with music, arts, drama, and PE. Students do worse in their academic acheivements when they are not involved in other asspects of school such as sports and art. Not only that, but it is more difficult for a child to sit at a desk than it is to actually do the work. If school added PE and math class together, or art and english, you would see a rise in the students grades and test scores. Students are failing more now than ever because they are removing programs that break up the learning schedules in a given school day as well as teachers only teaching students what is needed to pass the state tests, so they don’t lose their jobs. Yes AZ has the worst schools and no this prop shouldn’t have passed, but students will continue to do worse without these extra programs. Children are not excited to go to school and learn, so taking away other programs will make the drop-out rate higher. Prop 100 was not the answer, but they aren’t doing what is needed to find an answer either.

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