Boycott Canada!

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This rant will be brief and simple. If your IQ is higher than that of an amoeba shit, you should be able to understand this simple correlation>>>

For those of you who are bothered with Arizona’s recent passing of the immigration bill, why are you not also boycotting Canada? Why were you not boycotting them decades ago? Why were you not bitching and moaning about the previous immigration bill that was already in place, but without the ability to enforce, as the new immigration bill has allowed?

Canada’s borders have always been tough to get through, and it’s always been a must to do so through their border patrol stations, legally, right? So for persons who have crossed the Canadian border illegally and are arrested in Canada for whatever reason…why are there not similar issues? Why is no one raising a fuss about Canada’s border laws?

…I’ll tell you why.

Canadians and Americans are white, essentially. Canadian, American, French-Canadian….whatever, they’re all technically white in color. There is your difference. Mexicans are not white, so it has become a race issue. Stop being stupid. If it was about the civil liberties or overstepping of legal procedure…Canada would need to be boyocotted, too, right? So again, for those of you with your race cards whining about the immigration bill being a racial thing…why have you never had issue with Canada? Stop fucking whining, and pull your heads out of your asses.

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