UAV Predator the cause for more immigration complaints.

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Law. Government. Garbage., Rants
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While watching the Suns vs. Lakers game tonight, I saw a commercial for a news clip focused on a debate about yet another border issue. Currently, the US military patrols borders with an unmanned aircraft called a UAV Predator. It records video and provides surveillance to our military to assist with keeping illegal immigrants from coming across the US border. The newscast is apparently to debate whether or not this is an overstepping of legal or constitutional rights.

…Seriously, you idiots need to find more productivity with your time.

First, it records with a specific purpose…if it has you in its sights, it’s most likely because you are attempting to cross the US border, whether from the Mexico or US side. Doesn’t matter. Point is, it’s not video taping your attempts at amateur porn you and your significant other partake in with your windows open…on purpose. It’s not videotaping your pin number while at the ATM. It’s not watching you waste company time while playing internet games or shopping eBay. It’s keeping the US border safe- it’s simply an efficient way to do so, and happens to record video as it does so to maintain efficiency. Who would have a problem with that? Those on the other side trying to get across? Why would they have a problem with it? Because it’s another measure keeping them on the other side?

The newscast hasn’t aired yet, so I don’t know what their actual reasoning for bitching and moaning is. But either way, it will be invalid. If they’re arguing that it oversteps civil rights….wrong. You have no civil rights as a non-US citizen, attempting to illegally cross the US border. If their argument is that it oversteps privacy…it definitely does, and is its entire point. If their privacy in this matter was kept private, they would be getting across the US border, illegally, without anything keeping them from doing so.

I’m all for civil rights and privacy. I am completely and entirely against all things related to the Patriot Act. I do not feel that Guantanamo Bay was handled correctly. I do not believe in bending the law to assure our national security. But, all of these creative arguments regarding problems with immigration and border problems…are goddamn invalid. Stop your whining. The recent bill simply enforces a law that has been in place for years…why weren’t all of you who are complaining now, complaining years ago? And for all of you complaining about the UAV Predator being “too much,” why? Because it does what the border is supposed to do? Do you have a problem with the actual US/Mexico border itself? And if not, why? Come up with a valid reason for why you do NOT have a problem with the actual border itself, and let me have it. Ready….GO!

Again, point is, stop being stupid.

  1. TheTruth says:

    I am just going to have to agree on this one. What part of ILLEGAL is so hard to understand?? Is it ok for me to steal since I am just trying to provide my family a better life?


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