United who of what?!

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Law. Government. Garbage., Politics
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Though this cartoon is comical, it does hold a certain level of serious reality. It’s no secret that Arizona’s stance on immigration is being questioned by many, including several states who are boycotting Arizona as a whole. Though I feel it’s ridiculous -especially considering that most of these states have no direct attachment or involvement with Arizona to begin with- these states are arguing issues relevant to the United States and are not siding with other countries. President Obama, regarding Arizona’s immigration stance, has sided with Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, in insisting that the law be repealed and/or changed. If this were an American state in cahoots with Obama, it would be one thing. But our American president has sided with a nation we currently have issue with, and against one of the United States- that is absolutely disgusting to me. That negates the very fabric these United States are woven together with- in fact, in undermines the very title under which we live— United. States. Are they united?


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