America, where’s your passion?

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Insight, Rants
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Though there’s been 234,547,109 issues to post on as of late, I’ve fallen short of my ranting blogitory duties. Yes, blogitory. It’s a word, I promise. And the definition states something to the effect of, “stop being such an anal-retentive word nazi, you anal-retentive word nazi.” Anyway, this post will be short but despite its lack of length, I feel it’s an important aspect pertaining to ALL things, and it’s missing in action as of late. Passion.

Passion is what drives all thoughts and ideas, both moving and lackadaisical. It’s what moves nations to fight for their rights and beliefs, and pushes cultures to maintain their honor and tradition through adaptation and change. Passion is that necessary substance that moves, inspires, motivates, and causes feeling for things that would otherwise be without. Passion is at an all time low in America, and it disappoints me to no end.

Recently, I watched a movie called “The Freedom Writers,” inspired by the Freedom Riders organization and movement during the Civil Rights movement era. The movie was an offshoot of the Riders, using a play-on-words as they used their writings to speak their minds and get their word out, where as the actual Freedom Riders used their physical embodyment to encourage freedom and equality. The movie itself was decent, but it inspired me to do some research on the original group. What I found was amounts of passion flowing through these people that is nowhere to be seen today. They were criticized and abused, literally, for their beliefs but it did not stop them. Throughout history there have been hundreds of thousands of people and groups who have done insurmountable things for good causes and to progress the betterment of mankind as a whole. All of these groups and persons have at least one thing in common- a passion that burns inside them that is absolutely neccesary to quench. And the only way to quench that passion, is to let it out. Today’s politicians don’t carry that lost passion. Athletes don’t carry that passion. Musicians do few and far between, but it’s a different kind of passion that could be described as mild at best, in comparison to the passion that has exploded throughout mankind’s young history. It disappoints me.

What inspires you? When you tell someone you’re passionate about something…are you talking yourself into being passionate? Or do you legitimately feel you NEED to do something with it? Where is that passion? And if you have it, where does it come from, and what do you do with it? I love …well, DID love Glenn Beck, before his recent jump onto the crazy train. But prior, when he was still an obnoxious and partially sane conservative republican voice, he had passion. It might have been misguided and conveyed in odd fashion, but it was there. And even if it was just for ratings and to get his name out…it worked. He had to at least be somewhat passionate about his voice to put himself out there. Going back to the Freedom Riders…they not only put themselves out there, but were beaten, brutally, and knew it was coming before deciding to voice their passions. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of passion I want in me. That is the kind of passion that should be present in every living soul, and seen and heard and felt throughout the world. And I don’t mean that to sound lame and ridiculous, as it might, but I sincerely believe it’s necessary to continue to progress as human beings on earth. And I believe it’s what’s necessary to get through the BP crisis, and our global relations issues, and our economic issues, and our failing health care issues, and our controversial immigration issues as well. Passion is nowhere to be found. And it honestly saddens me. Lastly…I lied about this being a short post. Sue me. I’m passionate, and I have a voice that doesn’t stop on paper or text.

  1. This is Derreck says:

    So, what are you doing with your passion? You talk about how disapointed you are with the lack of passion and how passionate you are…but what are you doing about it? Ranting on a blog wont change anything…ACTION will!!!!

  2. Karin says:

    Passion follows passion, look around, the economy is in the shitter and so are most people, at least their dreams, if nothing else. So why would anyone want to be passionate right now?!?! No one is in the mood to be passionate.
    Passion and failure go hand in hand, most times…right?!?! In order to feel and be passionate about something or someone or somplace or some idea you have to put yourself out there, often times that means some sort of failure. And who likes to take risks and fail!?!?
    I just watched “It Might Get Loud” and wow talk about passion! Jack White in particular, I mean blood on his guitar!?!? WTF is THAT about!!! And he looks crazy doing his music stuff, but he doesn’t care. So maybe you need to not care as well to have passion.
    Maybe though the world isn’t ready for us to be passionate…society isn’t ready for passion. So many rules and ideas on what is right and wrong. Who’s to say….but kids got it right, they have passion about everything because they have yet to be fucked up by the world. They love, laugh and live like no one’s business!!!! Other than coodies at a certain age of course, they’ve got it made!

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