Dissent, meet hypocrisy.

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Politics

Of all the recent political isues I’ve failed to rant about, the one that is most bothersome is the relieving of General Stanley McChrystal of his command in Afghanistan. He was relieved after public dissent in a Rolling Stone article that stated his disagreement with President Obama and his handling of the situation in Kabul.

I am an American’s American…I love my country and, though I’m a Japanese American, will always fight FOR America, even if it happened to be against Japan in any hypothetical issue. I don’t necessarily agree that General McChrystal should have criticized the President in Rolling Stone, of all media publications, but as an American he does have that right. As do we all. McChrystal just happens to hold an extremely important role of leadership, which is part of the reason for his command being taken away.

Here’s a thought, though, for President Obama and his administration…if not backing you and your decisions in Kabul and Afghanistan are what bothers you, why was it OK for you to openly criticize Arizona and hence, America, with the Mexican President. How American is that? Yes, you are the President and you have the right to decide who commands who and where and to what extent. But how do you validate your own criticisms of an American state, with the leader of a country with which the issue pertained to? Pot, meet kettle…..you’re both black, ironically enough. Pun definitely intended.

Point is, kids, this was a hypocritical decision worthy of a punch in the mouth. Do not tell someone to maintain their support to America, while you yourself are unable to do so…especially as the Commander in Chief of these states. What kind of role model are you, Mr. Obama? If this were any other country, or if it were decades and centuries ago, you would have been mangled for treason. I don’t agree with General McChrystal’s open criticism, simply due to his position, but that furthers my point…as an even higher position, such as the President of the United States of America, you should know better. That is, if you were a dedicated and true American.

…In summation, if I do not post anytime soon, it’s likely that is due to my being muzzled. Afterall, this is some sort of open dissent, right? But I should get away with it, because I’m in America and that’s what my freedoms allow, right?


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