Anglo-Saxons, be ashamed. Great Clips, be more racially prejudice with who you let in.

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Law. Government. Garbage., Politics, Rants
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The other day, a few months ago, I was sitting in the waiting area of a Great Clips (classy, I know) waiting to get my hair cut. In the waiting area was an older gentleman who looked like a white collar, my-shit-smells-like-roses kind of guy. He was older- probably in his 60s or 70s- and was discussing Arizona’s recently enacted immigration act with a friend. Being the nosy and politically inclined person I am, I listened in on their conversation. I’m not sure how I remained seated with my mouth shut during the conversation as the conversation itself was…something short of intelligent. And by that I mean, the guy was a fucking idiot. Let’s explore the what and why, shall we?

One of the immigration act’s opponent views says that it is racially bias and implements prejudice and racial profiling. The older gentleman in the waiting area had a similar view. He stated, in short, that he feels the law itself is too harsh and implements racial prejudice into the police officer’s duties. However, the gentleman thought that, though immigration does need reform, that the current law would keep out or lessen Arizona’s Mexican workers who, and I quote, “do the grunt jobs us Anglo-Saxon Americans can’t stand to or don’t want to do.”

…Um, hm. Wait a minute.

To sum up the gentleman’s view, he felt like any law implementing racial prejudice should NOT be tolerated! But, also, that he shouldn’t have to do grunt work and that white people need Mexicans to do the shit jobs because they’re tough and/or…shitty.

Now I am all for SB1070, let’s not get confused. But, if you’re going to argue either side, or even so much as have an opinion about it…do it intelligently withOUT your head stuffed up your own asshole, as the gentleman in the Great Clips waiting area had done per above discussion. Had his head NOT been shoved up his own asshole, he might have been intelligent enough to understand that his later statement was, in itself, racially prejudice. And worse, if he was aware, he spouted out his opinion like it was valid and true and in a voice that said, “I am the white American voice, I shall speak up for all of you!”

…Yeah, no, stupid. Senior citizen or not, the dude should have been punched in the mouth, verbally and/or physically.

So what can we learn from this lesson, kids? It’s simple, ready? Do not broadcast your stupidity openly if you have no idea what the shitfuck you’re talking about.

The end.


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