For my own privacy, I won’t tell you specifically what I do for work, but I can tell you that it pertains to finances. Today, while going through the daily grind, I spoke to a client whose name I wish I had the lacking ethics to broadcast. We’ll call her Brutus….yes, we’ll call HER…Brutus. The name is as ugly as her insides. And though I’m not familiar with the entirety of her insides, I did become familiar with the most twisted mindset I’ve come across in a long time. But before I bitch and moan about her and her stupidity, I’ll preempt this discussion by telling you that it is not her specifically that I’m disgusted with- it’s the fact that there are far more than just her taking advantage of this system, and ruining lives in the process. And they aren’t ruining just any lives, they are their own offspring.

Consumer debt is a current and continuous struggle. It is more uncommon today NOT to be struggling financially, than it is to be well off. Credit cards and interest rates are stealthy killers, like ninja assasins targeting your bank accounts and wallets. The need to rid yourself of unsecured debt is greater now than it’s ever been before, and with that, there are several options that can help you do so. We won’t go into detail as to what those options are, but one of them pertains to Brutus, and this was the basis for conversation today between Brutus and I.

Brutus, like millions of Americans, is struggling with credit card debts. She birthed a child last year and incurred medical expenses and other costs that credit cards helped pay for. The following tax year, Brutus and her husband experienced a tax break because of the child. The tax break was significant enough to keep her credit card balances down as they used the monies to pay them down, thus, keeping their 0% interest rate. Today, while struggling, again, Brutus notified me that her and her husband’s plan was to use the tax break from their soon-to-be- new born to do the same thing they did last year, and to continue the process until the cards are paid off in full. The woman said, and I quote,” we made enough off of the first baby last year to keep the payments down, so we should make a little more off of this one this year.” If you are a parent reading this, ask yourself if the two ideas, making money, and birthing a child, would ever cross your mind together in the same thought. The answer should be a resounding NO before you’ve even finished the thought. But for Brutus, this was her income.

…If you didn’t just punch your computer screen, picturing Brutus’ face on it, don’t worry. I did it for you.

Lots of people take advantage of having kids as a tax break and validation for welfare monies. It’s common. But this woman was more direct with it, and completely shameless. She didn’t see that having that idea was fucked up enough, let alone doing it a second time. In short, they’re bringing a second child in the world, simply to pay down credit cards and keep a 0% interest rate on their cards until they can pay them down….and by pay them down, I mean to use the tax and welfare monies to do so.

Jesus fuck.

What the hell goes through your mind when you decide that it’s OK to bring a life into the world to pay off a year’s worth of credit cards and keep your interest rates at 0. What the fuck, America. If you’re one of these people who have done this, on purpose or not, or are planning on it…punch yourself in the goddamn stomach, and stop breathing. I cannot believe, that in this day and age, you are willing to bring a full life, expected to live 60-75 years, for a fucking interest rate and maybe $2,000 or $3,000. I’ll tell you what…I’ll give you the $2,000 or $3,000 to let me punch the hell out of your face instead. How does that sound?

If you think that this is financially savvy…you’re right. It is. But you’re not taking advantage of the financial system…you’re ruining lives….lives who have absolutely no say in this matter what so ever. And furthermore, you’re encouraging a shitty welfare system that should be far more mandated to begin with.

Stop encouraging these problems.

  1. Karin says:

    Holy Fucking Hell! I never should’ve read this post! I don’t really have to go into how I feel about the majority of people/parents that simply suck, and there are a shitload of them! It’s rather obvious on many levels because of my background. However this brings up a point that is more relavent in America than you would assume or think. That is people having children as a status symbol, ones that complain about their fucking kids, but conintue to have them (yes those Nannies will just take care of them anyway), ones that can’t afford them but don’t take precautions or “after” matters into their own selfish hands. It’s like that fucking The Road movie. Fucking dumbass! Why would you bring a child into THAT world!? Really. Sorry, but that would never work with me. No matter how hard it would’ve been if you can’t provide the proper life for your child then take the steps to prevent or fix it! It’s not about pro-choice/pro-life shit, it’s about the child. There is nothing worse in this world than the feeling of being unwanted or a mistake or having to grow up in poverty! AND it is much more difficult a decission to NOT have a child than it is to have a child. Let’s also add to this equation those fucking chicks that deliberatly get pregnant in order to 1. feel loved 2. keep a guy around 3. change a guy. FUCK!!! Hell Fuck NO!! I really don’t know how you did it. Personally I wouldn’ t have been able to continue to sit at work and focus let alone not stood up and screamed into the phone that I hope she dies!

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