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The upcoming November elections are already disappointing me, and we’ve barely started adding new ballot measures. I live in Arizona, so we’re going to discuss Arizona. If you don’t, pay attention anyway, I’ll learn you some things. And stuff.

Who’s familiar with Proposition 301 or 302? Anyone? Of course not. Who WAS familiar with Proposition 100? No one? But you voted YES for it anyway? If you did, you should be raped by a dinosaur. Yeah, I said it. And I’m not taking it back, either.

Proposition 100 raised Arizona’s sales tax 1%. Wait, jokes. It was SUPPOSED to be 1%, and only for a three year period.

Supposed. To. Be.

Regardless, those monies accrued were supposed to balance Arizona’s budget and negate any need to cut education expenses. Did any of you idiots who voted YES check to see what percentage of those monies went to education? Did any of you idiots bother looking into other measures that could have been taken to AVOID the 1% sales tax increase? Of course not, you’re inept and lazy. With that said, guess what else you idiots have caused…Proposition 301 and Proposition 302. Proposition 100 apparently did nothing for balancing Arizona’s budget, and both measures are “needed” to, again, keep from having to cut education costs.

Let’s recap. Voting for Proposition 100 did absolutely fucking nothing for helping or sustaining education. In fact, it facefucked it even harder, inspiring these two new aforementioned Propositions. What do these Propositions entail? Let’s explore.

Proposition 301 plans to sweep funds that would otherwise go toward the Land Conservation Fund. The measure would add around $20 million per year to balance the deficit, but only until 2011. The Land Conservation Funds is set for purchasing and protecting of state land, and what’s most ironic about this, is that the profits go toward public education…for Arizona. The same Arizona education that was supposed to have been fixed with Proposition 100. Fucking idiots. I’ll spell this out for you again in plain English, since you idiots clearly didn’t get it the first time around – Proposition 100 did nothing but raise sales tax amounts for the next….forever. Also, it caused ANOTHER Proposition to sprout up that would, again, take more money away from Arizona’s education expenses. You should feel great about that YES vote on Proposition 100, champs. ;]

Proposition 302 is even worse yet. This measure would take an estimated $345 million from….wait for it….early childhood education (Early Childhood Health and Development Board Fund), and put the monies toward Arizona’s budget deficit. If this passes, I will personally find and beat the shit out of every last one of you who votes yes. Test me. I understand that the budget needs to be fixed as there is a huge deficit. I understand that the money needs to come from somewhere and does not appear magically from a money tree. I also understand that Arizona’s education is the absolute lowest ranked in the entire fucking country. To continue taking money from education costs is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Do not pardon my fucking French, I don’t care if it bothers you. Few things make me as upset as this (wait, that’s a lie, everything bothers me). I don’t care where you have to take the money from to fix the deficit, but it will NOT continue coming out of education expenses. And especially after the idiot proponents of Proposition 100 bid and plead that Arizona’s education system would benefit and NOT need to cut anymore expenses, if approved. It was approved. And you’re still attempting to cut education funds. Fuck you idiots. You tell the kids you’re taking the monies from that their education will lack because you’re an inept, lazy, unresourceful pile of shitfuck.



  1. tHaT gIrL says:

    Apparently you are unaware of the YA book titled “The Year Money Grew On Trees.” So I guess you are wrong on THAT statement, but correct in your rant about dumbtarded Arizona voters.

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