Posted: February 22, 2011 in Politics, Rants
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I’ll make this short and to the point as I’m writing this from work. I just read an article in the LA Times and it inspired a rant. I’ll leave Frank Cannon’s name out of it so as not to call out the article’s author directly…I’m more civil than that.

I’m very much so a right wing conservative. I grew up with these values and have continuously maintained the same platform most of my life. But, I’ve done so by questioning and researching all information on my own so as to create my own opinion, rather than regurgitating someone else’s. Given my conservative values, I believe in the necessity of government protection with limited interference. In other words, I believe the government holds it value as an entity that protects its citizens and sustains allowance for its citizen’s rights, liberties and pursuits of happiness and property. I also believe that as a conservative, freedom is second to country, as we would not have the former without the latter.

The unmentioned (see above) author’s article in the LA Times discussed the fault of social conservatives as they are infringing upon the platform that has created and sustained conservative views and values. He references the Reagan Doctrine as being an important part of these continued values. I, personally, believe the unofficial Reagan Doctrine to be THE basis for all that is understood of the conservative value. The author goes on to discuss the necessity of freedom to…fill in the blank. He discusses the necessity of government but while keeping as little interference as possible. He then goes on to discuss, in an almost Nazi-like tirade, how the social conservative views on abortion and gay marriage are essentially infringing upon his freedoms and digressing the conservative value.

I’d like to say that this article was a joke. But it wasn’t. And I’m ashamed for him. Good thing I didn’t mention Frank Cannon’s name, otherwise this could discredit his/her ability to think, write and articulate constructive thought without hypocrisy. Good thing I’m a nice guy, and whatnot.

If it isn’t obvious yet, here’s my issue: he/she discusses the necessity of freedom and little government interference…and shortly after, discusses the need for conservatives to maintain their platform, disbanding the promotion of gay marriage rights and abortion rights.

…So, the government shouldn’t have a say, unless it’s in agreement with what the author believes? Got it. That’s understandable and totally reasonable. Using that logic and reasoning could be fun. Fun. I don’t like dudes with Jersey Shore hair who smell like they showered in musty cologne. I also don’t like dudes who wear skinny jeans and make up…unless they’re in a band, then it’s ok. So drawing upon the Frank Cannon regime thought, the aforementioned characteristics should be illegal, and our government should mandate laws that disallow all of these things…because they bother me.


It’d be one thing if gay marriage advocates were murdering and raping people in their efforts to make their voice heard. But they aren’t. In fact, they barely protest and only get together a few times a year for gay pride parades. Have you ever seen one of those?! They’ve got to be the absolute LEAST threatening occurence of all time. Ever. And we’re trying to outlaw that, while our economy falls apart and China makes us their round-eyed slaves? Awesome. That makes sense. And even if, worst case scenario, they were aggressive and violent, they’d still be fighting for the same rights that you and I are…just different specifics. Bottom line – how hypocritical are you to demand that sticking to “moral code” means disallowing gay rights and abortion, while keeping out government interference. Which one is it? ‘Cause, those ideas seem to counteract with one another. It could also just be me. Afterall, I’m lacking a moral code.

Don’t worry, Frank Cannon, your name’s safe with me.


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