F#!$ Congress!

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Law. Government. Garbage., Politics
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Just kidding. You thought this was going to be a post bitching about Congress, didn’t you? It isn’t. In fact, it’s the opposite. If that bothers you, fist a goat.

Yesterday the Federal shutdown was avoided with a deal negotiated a couple hours before ‘the end.’ Awesome, right? Two sides argued their stances, continued to stick to their guns, not giving way to the other, and finally reached a qasi-happy medium before there was no option to negotiate left. Yet still, all I continue to read and hear about is how shitty Congress is and questions regarding their pay.

Jesus. Christ.

Not only was a government shutdown avoided, which you should be ecstatic about, but the happy medium was one that I feel both liberals and conservatives can feel somewhat okay about. Neither side got exactly what they wanted, but neither gave up all of their packaging or programs, either. I’d say that, given the circumstances, that’s something that should be appreciated to some degree, at least for now. But no, not in America. We’re still going to bitch and moan about how long it took and how much Congresspersons get paid and how embarrassing this has been for America. All of these things might be issues that will arise again, but if you’re focusing on anything other than a Federal shutdown aversion, you’re confused to begin with.

This post isn’t about the specifics of the deal struck. This post is about taking accountability and responsibility for YOURSELF. If I read one more article about how the possible shutdown was the fault of the democrats or republicans, or who should be blamed most, I will punch a baby kitten right in the damn face. It wasn’t one or the other’s fault, it was yours. All of you. Unless you didn’t vote, then you shouldn’t be reading this anyway. But if you voted, left, middle or right, your Congressperson who could not do whatever job you wanted them to do was in that position because YOU put them there. Congress isn’t a new thing, either. It isn’t like you haven’t had a couple hundred years to research budget proposals and bills attempting to be passed by either side, and how they might impact you. If you don’t like the job Congress has done, fix it. Stop voting in the same Congressperson term after term after term. Being angry at them is like being mad at a shitty movie you paid for at the movie theater. Sure, it might have sucked, and you might be irritated that you chose to see it and spent money on it, but neither of those things are the movie’s fault. You picked it.

Grow up, America.

  1. Mom says:

    a baby kitten Ross ?? What did a kitten due to deserve that?! 😉

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