What’s in Your Cell Phone?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Law. Government. Garbage., Rants
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If you’re in Michigan, it doesn’t matter – hide or delete everything in it, incriminating or not. Your civil rights don’t matter, your privacy doesn’t matter, and apparently the American Constitution doesn’t matter, either. Michigan police officers have the ability to confiscate your cell phone, whether you’ve done anything wrong or not. They have a device that can pull any and all information from your phone – embarassing texts or pictures to friends, family and the dude or chick you’re sexting, too. They can pull call records, texts, pictures, videos and even have a laugh about the Flock of Seagulls songs you have on your playlist. This, friends, should anger the motherfuck out of you as it does me.

I’m not in Michigan so this doesn’t impact me currently. And luckily, I’m in Arizona, the land of ‘you-have-the-right-to-do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want’ so I won’t have to worry about it anytime soon. Not only will there be suits filed to stop this ridiculousness, but if any state, senate or congress persons want to be elected…ever, this ability for phone extraction will not last. I’m not sure whose idea it was or how it was enacted and put into play, but that person deserves a cock punch with Brock Lesnar’s ginormous fist.

I’m an American and I am passionately disgusted with the “justice” system as it is. This additive not only escalates that disgust, but negates what little spirit of hope I have for the United States as an entity, as a whole. Why did people migrate here? Why do people still migrate here? Freedom, maybe? Liberty? The right to make a life foryourself as you deem fit under the laws and guidelines that allow you to do so? Pretty sure it’s all of the above. What do petty laws like Michigan has enacted do to the aforementioned abilities? They fuck them right in the goddamn face, hard.

Let’s also take a look at the financial impact this creates. Jails ALL over the country are packed, and as I mentioned previously, the justice system is a circular cespool that regurgitates the same people in and out and back in, over and over. This costs both you and I a lot of tax dollars every week, month and year. And going out of your way to find people doing things that every single human being over 16 does – use a cell phone – will only add to the jail problems and cost us more tax dollars. Do you not have anything better to do, Michigan? Is Detroit no longer crime-ridden? I didn’t get that memo. Maybe I would have received it via email if you hadn’t infringed upon the freedoms of technological communications, assfucks.

Like I said, this will probably not catch on and will be put to rest shortly. There are a handful of ogranizations already looking into suits against Michigan. I would absolutely love to be pulled over at random, not for driving illegally or doing anything wrong, and have an office demand my cell phone. I’m all about protecting my American freedoms and within that comes a respect for the law and officers keeping it. KEEPING it. But, if this should happen to me, said officer would have a face full of you-just-got-fucked-in-the-face-by-my-fist. And I’m completely okay with going to jail for said actions. If you have the right to infringe upon my civil rights, I reserve the right to infringe upon the connectivity of your face.



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