The past handful of months have been politically boring. There has been plenty of stuff going on that warranted bitching and moaning about, but none of it interested me. I’m dramatic, so I need dramatically over the top issues to inspire interest. If you aren’t familiar, understand that Herman Cain is that dramatically over the top issue. That sounded demeaning but it wasn’t meant to be at all. In fact, it’s meant as quite the opposite. Though the 2012 elections are obviously not…until the end of 2012 (you’re welcome), the race is already exciting. I had been dreading the Republican candidates as none did anything for me. None aroused me, verbally, or aesthetically. Jkay, about the aesthetics, but not the verbal excitement. Huckabee, Paul, Romney, Pawlenty, Scott Brown, and even Palin all have their respective upsides. But overall, they’re basically different names on a ballot. And then there’s Herman Cain – he’s articulate, charismatic, fiscally intelligent, a passionate speaker, a self-made success, and a sort of neo-Ronald Reagan. Did you just get hardons and girl boners? I did.

I’m not really gay for Ronald Reagan, but I am extremely gay for his legacy and Presidential heroics. That’s different, right? Reagan was a strong speaker who stuck to his guns, even if they weren’t ideas that were widely accepted. Herman Cain does the same, and he’s, thus far, been willing to spread those ideas with a sort of spicy wit. He’s an old school Conservative, with a new school twist. And I dig that. Never mind the fact that Cain is black and attempting to follow up America’s first induction of a black President, Mr. Obama, the very next term. And never mind the fact that Cain isn’t yet a household name. He will be. Not only has he gained ground with the Tea Party, but Conservatives are becoming more familiar with him as his track record makes him impossible to avoid. He didn’t simply serve one term as a senator and expect to run for President. Weird. He’s got a lifetime’s worth of achievements, both political and personal successes. Also, being black means the 493,985,587,325,421 black and/or Hispanic voters that voted for Obama, will now have a REAL candidate to vote for solely based on skin color. Yeah, I said it. Don’t act like you aren’t aware that Obama won the minority votes based on his skin color. He did. And it’s hardly black. Either way, none of Herman Cain’s success in the past, or future, will have anything to do with his skin color. Black, white, yellow, red, purple…whatever. The man’s got my vote in 2012, unless his platform changes drastically between now and then. If you’re not familiar with it, Google it. I’m not here to research for you and give you statistics and meaningless bullet points depicting Cain’s history. I’m here to tell you that Herman Cain is not just a dark horse candidate for 2012, he’s going to be a front runner.

I will tell you, however, that he does favor the pro-life stance and believes that there are no reason for abortion, even given instances of rape and incest. I strongly disagree. He also favors the Defense of Marriage Act, which I oppose. With America falling apart and all, I could really give less of a shit whether a man and man, or woman and woman marry each other. If they’re able to find love in the same sex, fuck it, let ’em do their thing. While people are complaining about that, I’m going to focus on not letting our American dollar digress to green paper, and disallowing our debt to China to cause us to be Chinese slaves/communist. Those may or may not be more important issues. Though I don’t agree with those two positions, I’ll still take the lesser of…twenty-nine other evils. Cain’s still got my vote for 2012. That is, if the rapture doesn’t start before then. Wait, today’s what day? Tuesday May 24th? That’s weird.

  1. Casey says:

    I was all on the cain bandwagon…until..i found out he has ties to the federal reserve..if anything is going to get fixed we need big changes in the federal reserve system…so now i am back to the Ron Paul camp…but Cain in my stron second choice.

    • rosslongaz says:

      True, he does…but it was the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve. He’s also not opposed to the Fed being audited, too, which it should be, independently.

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