The Road…Oft Traveled.

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Insight
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Growing up, which I’m still working on mastering, I assumed it was best to always choose the road less traveled. I read it on a billboard or Laffy Taffy wrapper or something. I don’t know. It stuck with me through middle school, junior high and high school, even up to some point recently. I’ve always been a weirdo and danced to the beat of my own spoon drums; that’s where I feel comfortable. But now, in the age of my-mullet-trumps-your-sloppy-bed-hair, it’s no longer weird to be weird. It’s normal. Wait, what? If weird is normal, by default, normal is weird, right? What the Jesus.

In 1920, Robert Frost constructed The Road Not Taken. Ninety years later we’ve come full circle. The twenty’s were an era so far removed from today that the social mindset was literally the complete opposite of what it is today. Then, you were the tits if you packed a tommy gun in your jacket and wore a top hat, tilted to the side. It was different. Robbing banks or importing liquor made you a citizen different from the norm. Being a rebel meant being a rebel. Pretty simple. What the shit is a rebel today? What makes you, by social definition, different? Is being what would have been considered normal twenty years ago now considered different? This shit gives me a headache. Everything you’ve read to this point is pointless. They’re all titles. And unless you’re a douchebag, you don’t introduce yourself to people, clientele aside, with your title. And if you do, understand that you’re not normal or weird, you’re a pretentious dipshit. Point of all of this is, there is no longer a road not taken or less traveled. They’re all traveled. And taking the main road is certainly not going to proclaim you any different than anyone else on that same road. Though this isn’t a problem, there is a solution: create your own.

You don’t even have to know where it’s going to lead you, all you have to do is start it somewhere, anywhere. And regardless what Robert Frost suggested, don’t follow anyone else’s path, often traveled or less taken. If you were to do either, you’d still be following someone else’s footsteps, yeah? Fuck that noise. Create your own path like someone’s following YOU, rather than vice versa. Pretty sure, by default, that’d make you a leader. Didn’t see this post heading that direction, did you?

  1. Karin says:

    You are correct, you don’t have to know where it will lead. Because there is no way to tell. Lately I have been following my own path(s) off and on in life, and more so recently and thank goodness because it feels great! But as a follower it is different and makes me worried. Of course I never did get that footprint religious poster where God carries you and so you only see one set of footprints…I always wondered what was wrong with my walking it all alone?!?! 🙂

  2. rosslongaz says:

    You’re not walking the path alone, others are behind you following ;]

  3. Ross:

    Odd as this is, you visited me way back about a year ago when I was Freshly Pressed, and a newbie here on WP. I decided to circle back and see who some of the people who commented actually are – and, if they are still around, read their stuff. I like your voice.

    It is interesting to me that everyone is a rebel today. Everyone has a tattoo. Or a piercing. Something that is supposed to represent rebellion, but in general, people are not very engaged in very much politically that would make them be considered rebellious.

    So I’m adding you to my blogroll because I use my blog as a teaching too at the community college in which I teach and your piece on Memorial Day also caught my eye. We write differently, but I am not interested in collecting people who are like me. I like folks who think outside my box. So welcome to my wall. 😉

    Come drift by, if you care to. The content is lighter (sometimes), but there are some great people on my wall. And believe me, I select careful. You should check out The Good Greatsby. I think you’ll like his snark, but I could be wrong.

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  5. […] the Dudes: Ross Logaz from Offensively Opinionated wrote a piece called “The Road Oft Traveled” where he discusses the idea of rebellion. He starts with Robert Frost, you know, the poet who […]

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