Devoid of Complacency.

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Insight, Rants
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Toward the end of last year I posted about buying my first house and being confused about the difference in contentment and complacency. Nine months later and a lot of growing up in between, I’ve clarified any prior confusion I had. Contentment and complacency are essentially synonyms for ‘uninspired.’ If you’re content and have found an acceptable complacency and are offended after reading the first paragraph, stop right here. The rest isn’t for you.

I can’t seem to find a home for either contentment or complacency, and won’t. Ever. If ever that day were to come, so, too, would the end of my journey. Being happy is great, and if you can find that in contentment – awesome…for you. But it’s not for me. Once I find happiness and know it’s attainable, I will always strive to find more of it, in greater amounts, from different areas, in greater capacities. The simple point is, there is always more. Always.

I’m reminded 17,000 times a day why complacency isn’t for me. I’m happy with my car. I’m happy with my house. I’m happy with myself. I’m happy with my education. I’m happy with me. But happiness is not complacency. Though I’m happy with all of the aforementioned, I’m nowhere near content with it all. There will always be a better car than what I have. There will always be bigger and nicer houses than what I have. There are those more educated than I am. There are those more happy with themselves than I am with myself. Those people didn’t stop at just being happy, or just accepting whatever hand life dealt them. They took the hand, and crafted something exponentially better from it. And from that exponentially better hand, did the same, and so on. No millionaire or billionaire made their first large sum of money and said, “fuck it, I’m good with this” and gave up. Car collectors with 1935 Bugatti’s and Ferrari 250 GTO’s didn’t stop at an MG roadster or ’65 Mustang. They said, “fuck it, there are better out there” and stepped their game up.

I used to think I wanted to be content. But that was before I was content. I reached that level and realized that contentment is far too easy a plain to reach, and made a pact with myself to constantly strive for better, no matter what plain I’m at…it won’t ever be a peak. Don’t ever give yourself a peak. Don’t allow yourself to believe that a peak exists, because once you’ve acknowledged it, you’ve capped your potential. My potential will never have a cap; I hope yours doesn’t either. Do something that scares you every day, and scare away whatever peak might have previously existed.

On a political note, my premise for being a right wing conservative is everything mentioned in this post, to the core. If you’re able to accomplish above and beyond those who are complacent, you shouldn’t be punished. “You’re wealthy, therefore, should be taxed more or be comfortable gifting the surplus to those less fortunate.” Fuck that nonsense. IF you choose to gift your success away, that’s up to you personally. It should not be a government interference, simply because there are those who are not in the top 10%. And this, coming from someone not in the top 10%. When I get there, I will recognize that I started with nothing and earned that spot in the top 10%, and if I so choose to gift that success downward, that’s my own decision. A liberal mindset says that all should be equal, socially and fiscally. Fuck. That. Those who are not reaching their own potential should not be rewarded. Rewarding complacency is an ugly circle that continues the cycle of mediocrity. I don’t want to be rewarded for mediocrity. I am devoid of complacency.


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