The Insurrection of Control.

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Politics, Rants
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I control my thoughts. I control my actions. I control my everyday routine. I control my guard that keeps both females and friends at a distance. I control my health, or lack thereof. I control my diction and articulation. I control my potential for triumph, and possibility of defeat. I control me. You control you. Though there are are other forces that control all of us – a higher power, if you believe in that; a government, if you subscribe to that; a credo, if you’re inspired by that – we’re all ultimately in control of ourselves, intrinsically. It’s not just an inalienable right granted to us by these great United States, it’s a power that weakens us – a weakening power – how’s that for a nonsensical juxtaposition?

I brainstormed for this post and realized that it was ridiculous to brainstorm an idea that should come from deep within. It shouldn’t need to be brainstormed, it should flow freely. I then realized that I bind my creativity by control. It’s not something anyone else has imposed on me, it’s my own error. That error is how I’ve lived the past twenty-eight years of my life. What the fuck, right? This thought applies not only to politics, but just about every single aspect of our lives. Even if you don’t think you’re a control freak, you’re wrong, to an extent. Do you measure the amount of sugar you put in your coffee every morning? Do you keep tabs on the speed you drive to work? Do you dismiss crazy ideas or recommendations your friends give, about anything? Everyone does. Why?


This won't ever be me.

It’s part of the human condition to want to control your normalcy, whatever that might be, and to limit the amount of crazy or the unexpected. Just the same as you’re conditioned not to walk into oncoming traffic, you’re conditioned to keep things unfamiliar out of your life unless you’re almost certain it won’t interrupt your journey toward happiness. However, control isn’t simply keeping the bumper of a 2003 Ford Explorer out of your grill, it’s keeping you from living the uncertainty that is life. Lots of people write about living your life and letting go, and being free. Fuck all of that sappy, cliche, quasi-religious talk. This post isn’t about the mistakes you’re making by controlling your environment and safety – it’s about knowing the difference between keeping control at arm’s length, and allowing yourself to be open to all that is life – to understand the adaptation that every minute of every day offers.

I’m a happy person, but I find myself getting angry or frustrated with things that are out of my control. I find my days impacted by stupid shit I can’t do anything about. I find my ear-to-ear grin erased by the ridiculous actions or words of someone who should have absolutely no significance on my facial expression. That, in and of itself, has inspired this rant. I understand that’s contradictory – writing about outside influences not getting to you, while this post is inspired by the aforementioned. Shut up. Stay focused.

President Obama has made a lot of strives toward the right as of late, and whether they’ve been to boost his 2012 election support or appease the quandary that is Congress, I don’t care. What I do care about is the change from his initial platform to get things done. I don’t need to delve deep into his psyche to figure why he’s made the decisions he’s made, I simply need know that the man has embodied change, the very word encapsulating his presidential essence. Hello, irony.

The President’s ability to wrestle his own control to the ground in order to seek the betterment of not only America, but himself as well, is inspiring to me. Granted, all politicians end up digressing from whatever platform got them elected in to their given office, but don’t let that blind you from the progression that takes place throughout that metamorphosis. It gives us an example of how ugliness can transition to beauty given a short time span, or with the push of constituents, current and future. Whatever. Point is, Obama disgusts me as a President, but even he is capable of letting control find a disculpate through the ugliness that blurs it. We should all be so fortunate.

No, I’m not condoning President Obama’s recent actions, nor him himself. I’m simply saying that he’s given us a loose example of letting go of control, when it hinders something beautiful and amazing on the other side of said restriction. Sure, stay in control of your safety. Sure, don’t bang a hooker you know has AIDS. And no, definitely do not run into oncoming traffic as a way to liberate yourself from control. BUT, live, freely, and let control take a back burner to a passion for life, brought to you by an inner insurrection.


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