Forget Platforms, What’s Your Religion?

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Politics
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Normally this time of the year leaves me with a political hard-on. The campaigning, the debates, the upcoming Presidential election for 2012…it’s sexy to me, all of it. However, this year has not only left me unstimulated, but intellectually flaccid as well. Campaigns used to be about promoting one’s agenda and platform, coupled with their ideals and over-the-top promises of change and restructure. It was genuine. Well, as genuine as politics can be. So not at all, in other words. But that’s not the point. Campaigning was the promotion of self, and debates were the same. A candidate would discuss and debate a current topic of importance and the candidates would verbally spar with vicious intent to catch the other in a backtracking of their own words. That, to me, is beautiful. And while, in every election for every seat of importance since Jesus, there is a fair amount of irrelevant material thrown about, this year seems to have more more than normal. Specifically, the topic of irrelevance being religion.

I understand that, in general, the GOP is associated with conservative Christian ideals and those ideals are sometimes implemented into politics. I understand that left wing liberals or center independents are more likely to have less traditional religious views. I also understand that religion plays a small role in politics, though I believe it should not. Lately, it seems to be all that matters. This morning while perusing through CNN hoping to find something stimulating, I found nothing but articles about candidates bashing each other’s religious views, and supporters of specific religions doing the same to those not affiliated with their religion. Not only did it bore me to fucking tears, but it takes away the sanctity of politics. Separation of church and state? Anyone? Not sure why but that sounds familiar. Probably not important, though.

Right. Moving along.

Again, there’s a clear association with religion and politics. Why? That’s not rhetorical…why? Pastor Robert Jeffress dissed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney by saying his religion, Mormonism, is a cult. That comment spun into shitstorm of religious defenses as each candidate has apparently digressed to their 5th grade self. Religious debate is relevant, maturity levels and focus are apparently not.

I’m not sure if anyone’s aware or not, but it’s not 1095. The Crusades are over. Whether Christianity is “better” than Mormonism to me seems petty. Are Joseph Smith and Jesus going to battle North Korea, China, or the entire Middle East for America? No? Are either going to re-stimulate the US job market or economy? No? Okay. Then shut the fuck up about which goddamn religion you should be voting for. The Presidential seat isn’t a religious seat. All of this religious incorporation into the debates and campaigning are taking away for matters of importance. Also, I’m still left without a political hard-on. Someone needs to get on that.

…Not literally.

  1. Karin says:

    The basic everyday American citizen likes to know that their president have beliefs and values. With the majority of American’s being Christian then you have a massive amount of chit-chat about it’s importance. Need I remind you that most American’s look at the Pledge of Allegiance and our currency and see GOD on it or in the pledge….that’s why we think it matters.

    • Ross Long says:

      Values are important, not disagreeing with that at all. Point is, with everything else going on I feel like a President’s religious beliefs are at the absolute lowest levels of importance. If we’re questioning a President’s values to begin with, he or she is probably not a sufficient candidate anyway.

  2. Karin says:

    Yes but America relies on religion to pick because they feel that is what makes a good President…because they don’t know what else to base it on…because that would involve research and thinking.

    • Ross Long says:

      That’s my point, though. Religious background has little to no relevance in what makes a good president. Everything going on currently doesn’t even pertain to the general populous – it’s the politicians and media making a big deal about their religions. I don’t give a fuck if one candidate reads the Koran or Bible every morning, or neither. I care that a candidate is able to maintain and sustain international relations, especially now. I care that a candidate is fiscally responsible and not economically delusional. I care that the candidates are good people, but I don’t believe religions is a good basis for what makes people good or not. That’s my point.

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