Occupy Productivity.

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Humor, Rants
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This might be the shortest post I’ve ever posted. It won’t take much to piss all over my intended audience – those condoning Occupy Wall Street. First, I can’t stay long as I have to go to bed so as to wake up early for work. My job. My means of survival. My paycheck? Not ringing a bell? K. Second, this comes with the easiest solvent of all time. Ever. Ready?

…Occupy a fucking job, you fucking twits. Occupy the fucking internet job boards. Occupy your resume. Occupy a fucking shower. Occupy a normal sleep schedule. Occupy drug resistance. Occupy responsibility. Occupy accountability. Occupy adulthood. Occupy persistence. Occupy resilience like every other one of the 349,435,943,767,236 human beings on earth do. Occupy a coherent message. Occupy your right to vote. Occupy a dress code that might allow you to find work. Occupy a lack of excuses. Occupy your mother fucking beds so you’re well rested enough to do something productive the following morning, earlier than 2pm.

Problem solved. You’re welcome.



  1. Jenna Lee says:

    “Occupy your resume.” I love it. You’re absolutely right. What may have started as a legitimate way of calling attention to the disparity in the economic fabric of our country has become an immature tantrum. Camping in parks, turning a protest into a party, dragging the entire thing out beyond message into senseless mutiny. If they can’t find jobs, I can guarantee they can find places to volunteer. There is an insatiable need for able volunteers in this country for thousands of causes supporting those who are truly in need.


  2. you know says:

    The best part is they are all supporting the very things they are protesting. They are using their smartphones and drinking their starbucks…seriously!
    Not only that but in a way they are protesting the very foundation of america. Why did we fight the war for independance? Because we did not want to pay taxes and be controlled. Why dl corporations find tax loopholes and ways to make more profit? Hhmm…..dont be angry because someone ks smarter than you and figured out the system….figure out the system yourself.
    Do you want my solution to fix the american job situation….LESS corporate payroll taxes…yup….why? Oh maybe because the reason there are no jobs kn america is because the corps found out they can pay ppl in another country less money amd not have to pay taxes on the wages…
    You thought i meant that we just dont charge taxes..haha…silly….nope…any company that has 100% of its workforce in america has a tiny tiny tax rate. That tax rate goes up with the percentage of jobs you send overseas, including sub contractors and payinf a shell corporation to pay employees. If a company has 75% of its workforce outside of america they have to pay a 100%tax rate on their payroll for the 25% in america…..100% american workers…2% tax….guess how many jobs will siddenly be available here….

  3. Dingo250 says:

    Be an activist with higher consciousness. Take a look at TheGreaterReality.com

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