The Grown Up Game.

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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All of this is long overdue. And since it’s long overdue, you’re going to get a whole bunch of shit thrown at you all at once. You can handle it, I’m sure. You’re grown ups, right?

Let’s talk about being a grown up. Not grown up in the it’s-time-to-stop-playing-video-games-and-eating-ice cream-for-dinner kind of way. Rather, in the grow-the-fuck-up-and-take-accountability kind of way. For most, the latter is intrinsic. You don’t have to talk yourself into taking responsibility for yourself and what you say and do and think. For others, it’s a misnomer of detrimental proportions. As you read this, I’m sure you can think of a few people that are the epitome of said misnomer. They’re the people who, no matter what the scenario, immediately direct fault to anyone and everything but themselves. I’m going to tell you in advance that I’m a hypocrite and guilty of most of what I’m about to piss on. BUT, that won’t stop me from doing it anyway, because I still lack responsibility. I haven’t mastered The Grown Up Game.

Trayvon Martin. Just typing that name makes my blood boil. Though the mess of media over Trayvon has died down somewhat, I haven’t chimed in with my two cents. So here it is: If I read or hear one more fucking thing about the Trayvon Martin murder being a racial issue, I’m going to punch a baby kitten square in the eyeball. Whether or not Zimmerman killed Martin out of some weirdo racial prejudice is not my concern. My concern, grown ups, is the massive projection of racial prejudice America has been consumed with since – hook, line, sinker. Y’all swallowed that pill whole and in a hurry. Why? Why does it have to be a racial issue? Why is the murder of a black kid immediately projected as a racially motivated murder? Pretty sure Zimmerman is Hispanic-American, no? Why is no one turning it the other way around, assuming Hispanic-Americans are terrible people because they’re all murderers? Oh, because it was only one instance that happened to get media priority and Al Sharpton all over it? This is simple logic, fucking twits – if one is true, the other must be, too. If Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin out of hatred for black people, it’s also true that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because all Hispanic-Americans are racial murderers. Do you see the disconnect? Where does responsibility fit into this fucked up equation, you ask? The very beginning. That’s where it fits. Because fucking Al Sharpton says it was a racially motivated murder does not, in fact, make it a racially motivated murder. If Al Sharpton had said Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin and defended himself to the letter of the law, would the mass following be the same? No. Responsibility. Your responsibility as a grown up, as a human being with a working brain, is to decide shit for yourself, not because someone else says it’s true. How many of the idiots demanding Zimmerman’s head did that? Maybe a few. But the majority sure as shit did not. Lacking responsibility. Get off the fucking bandwagons and think for yourselves.

Trayvon Martin is old new. Let’s discuss upcoming news. How about the 2012 elections? Politics will not change much in a given lifetime. The right will piss on the left, and the left will piss on the right. And the middle becomes the red-headed stepchild who no one pays enough attention to. There will be bickering, arguing, low blows, empty promises and brilliant speeches. The same will follow in November. Here’s where responsibility comes into play – you. You don’t get to sit on your couch and bitch and moan about everyone and everything until YOU yourself have, intelligently decided what you think and given it a validation. You don’t get to vote for one side or the other because your friend is doing so, or because CNN or Fox had a more riveting dissertation of a candidate or incumbent. None of that means shit. If you want your decisions regurgitated from someone else’s mouth the Obama campaign is happy to take you in. This isn’t just a rant about Obama and the left, though. This applies to you, too, right wingers and independents. If I ask you why you’re voting for a given candidate, you better have a good goddamn reason with validation. And if not, that’s fine. That simply means YOU DON’T GET TO FUCKING VOTE. At that point, you’re not helping anything, you’re hurting the system, your family, your country, and yourself. If you were betting on the NCAA Final Four, would you throw $1,000,000 on a team that a random stranger said might win? Fuck no you wouldn’t. Why are politics any different? They aren’t.

I’m over excuses. Everyone’s got an opinion and an excuse, but never an answer to themselves. The Trayvon Martin murder is just one example of that. There are thousands more that I don’t have time to bitch about…Mainly because I’m too busy pointing my finger at myself, trying to figure out what I think and why, for myself. For self-betterment. For a lack of an excuse for an excuse. Save the fucking excuses. Subscribe to The Grown Up Game. Take responsibility. Take accountability. Or shut the fuck up.

  1. Casey says:

    Well you know what I say…there is a Kid Rock lyric for everything….

    Stop pointing fingers and take some blame,
    Pull your future away from the flame
    Open up your mind and start to live
    Stop short changing your neighbors
    Living off hand outs and favors, and maybe
    Give a little bit more than you got to give

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