Aberrant Truth.

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve found deep disinterest amongst the farthest reaches of normalcy,
time and time again.
Disinterest bequeathed to me disdain.
To seek an aberrant path:
I am obligated to toe the boundaries of edginess with slippery shoes.
I will not concede to social acceptance
as social acceptance would shun my ambiguous normalcy anyway.
I will argue commonality until I can no longer decipher commonality.

My zen has no standard.
No label.
No grouping.
No clique.
No definition.

To hone indifference is to hone unfamiliar excitement.
The ordinary will be defied.
My labyrinth of atypical direction is not a labyrinth at all,
Rather, a map to my hone personal freedoms. Plural.
Unconventional will not exist without the conventional.
Abnormality and peculiarity are the fabrics I will weave with.
Deviation from your path will be my path,
not a recognized deviation at all.
My aberrance from normalcy will constitute a unique me.
A better me.
A rounded me.
A progressing me.
An experienced me.
An odd and awkward me.
My lack of, is me.
Oddity’s periphery will become a spec in my rear view mirror.


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