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The upcoming November elections are already disappointing me, and we’ve barely started adding new ballot measures. I live in Arizona, so we’re going to discuss Arizona. If you don’t, pay attention anyway, I’ll learn you some things. And stuff.

Who’s familiar with Proposition 301 or 302? Anyone? Of course not. Who WAS familiar with Proposition 100? No one? But you voted YES for it anyway? If you did, you should be raped by a dinosaur. Yeah, I said it. And I’m not taking it back, either.

Proposition 100 raised Arizona’s sales tax 1%. Wait, jokes. It was SUPPOSED to be 1%, and only for a three year period.

Supposed. To. Be.

Regardless, those monies accrued were supposed to balance Arizona’s budget and negate any need to cut education expenses. Did any of you idiots who voted YES check to see what percentage of those monies went to education? Did any of you idiots bother looking into other measures that could have been taken to AVOID the 1% sales tax increase? Of course not, you’re inept and lazy. With that said, guess what else you idiots have caused…Proposition 301 and Proposition 302. Proposition 100 apparently did nothing for balancing Arizona’s budget, and both measures are “needed” to, again, keep from having to cut education costs.

Let’s recap. Voting for Proposition 100 did absolutely fucking nothing for helping or sustaining education. In fact, it facefucked it even harder, inspiring these two new aforementioned Propositions. What do these Propositions entail? Let’s explore.

Proposition 301 plans to sweep funds that would otherwise go toward the Land Conservation Fund. The measure would add around $20 million per year to balance the deficit, but only until 2011. The Land Conservation Funds is set for purchasing and protecting of state land, and what’s most ironic about this, is that the profits go toward public education…for Arizona. The same Arizona education that was supposed to have been fixed with Proposition 100. Fucking idiots. I’ll spell this out for you again in plain English, since you idiots clearly didn’t get it the first time around – Proposition 100 did nothing but raise sales tax amounts for the next….forever. Also, it caused ANOTHER Proposition to sprout up that would, again, take more money away from Arizona’s education expenses. You should feel great about that YES vote on Proposition 100, champs. ;]

Proposition 302 is even worse yet. This measure would take an estimated $345 million from….wait for it….early childhood education (Early Childhood Health and Development Board Fund), and put the monies toward Arizona’s budget deficit. If this passes, I will personally find and beat the shit out of every last one of you who votes yes. Test me. I understand that the budget needs to be fixed as there is a huge deficit. I understand that the money needs to come from somewhere and does not appear magically from a money tree. I also understand that Arizona’s education is the absolute lowest ranked in the entire fucking country. To continue taking money from education costs is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Do not pardon my fucking French, I don’t care if it bothers you. Few things make me as upset as this (wait, that’s a lie, everything bothers me). I don’t care where you have to take the money from to fix the deficit, but it will NOT continue coming out of education expenses. And especially after the idiot proponents of Proposition 100 bid and plead that Arizona’s education system would benefit and NOT need to cut anymore expenses, if approved. It was approved. And you’re still attempting to cut education funds. Fuck you idiots. You tell the kids you’re taking the monies from that their education will lack because you’re an inept, lazy, unresourceful pile of shitfuck.



With all of the recent immigration issues such as SB1070 and the possibility of Jus soli being negated and the 14th Amendment altered, I feel that there are things being overlooked, from both sides of the debates. For the remainder of this blog entry, forget whateverthefuck is going on politically.

Forget Arizona’s attempt to correct what the federal government and President Obama would not. Forget that BP has scurried away from taking responsibility for the oil leak in the Gulf. Forget that Russell Pearce and Lindsey Graham, amongst others, are trying to alter the 14th Amendment and take away Jus soli for babies born to illegal immigrants. Forget that you have a myriad of credit card debt that is killing you financially. Forget that cities and states are cutting education funds to go toward less necessary shit. Forget that your banks just took billions and billions of dollars while hiking UP your interest rates afterward. Forget that your block has more than 5 foreclosures on it. Forget that Tiger Woods is a whore. Forget about whatever other sex scandal is flourishing in the news today. Forget that jobs in your area are scarce and that you cannot find one. Forget about whatever new diet ‘fad’ you’re trying to get into. Forget that your husband or spouse is cheating on you. Forget that life isn’t fair. Fuck all of the aforementioned, and let’s revisit the basics. Or, in this case, THE basic, singular.

You are an American. What does that mean to you? What is that supposed to mean to you? What does it mean to other people? What do other people want it to mean? Again, fuck all of that, because I’m going to tell you what it means to be an American, in the most grammatically incorrect run-on form of all time:

I’m an American- with my faults, with my glories, with my remembrances of war stories my grandpa or great grandpa told me, with my pictures from the “olden days,” with my multicultural background, with my bilingual speaking tongue, with my appreciation for cultures and foods other than my own, with my pride, with my excessive ego, with my hard earned U.S dollar bill, with my education that is far superior to any other nation’s, with my personal taste in music, with my personal sexual preference, with my own thoughts, with my own mind, with my own decisions, with my own children, with my own stories, with my freedom, with my liberty, with my freedom to choose what religion my family and I will be, with my freedom to birth as many children as I want, with my freedom to give up or abort my children, with my pursuit of happiness, with my pursuit of liberty in whatever form I may find appealing, with my right to bear arms…openly, with my right to a fair trial, with my right to enlist in the United States military, with my right to eat what I please, when I please, where I please, and with whom I please; with my own style of dress, with my tramp stamp tattoo, with my ridiculous tribal tattoo, with my vernacular and diction, with my collection of fine arts, with my collection of band tees, with my collection of beer bottles, with my collection of records, with my collection of baseball cards I’ve accumulated since I was a child, with my ability to enjoy a hotdog at a baseball game…for $12, with the freedom to drive whatever car I can afford, with my freedom to pursue financial freedom, with my dog named Jack, with my out of control stress level, with my out of control quirkiness, with my out of control hair, with my out of control smoking habit, with my out of control family-in-law, with my out of control political views which I have the freedom to broadcast, with my cowboy hat and country music, with my fishing pole and tackle box, with my space on a quiet river in Montana, with my naked pictures on the internet you weren’t supposed to see, with my overbearing family, with my overbearing husband, with my overbearing wife, with my obnoxious kids, with my amazing kids, with my stand up comedy, with my beat up jeans, with my Ford cars, with my New York City visits, with my Hawaii vacations, with my 4am hockey practices in -10 degree weather, with my snowboard, with my skateboard, with my tv and all the inane daytime drama I could ever imagine, with my social security monies, with my unemployment monies, with my shitty salary, with my six-figure salary, with my Chinese food, with my Taco Bell Mexican food, with my WalMart, with my Declaration of Independence, with my Constitution and its Amendments, with MY Bill of Rights, with my judicial system, with my justice system, with the lacking justice system, with my right to dissent or disagree with whatever and whomever i may choose, with my passion, with my drive, with my burning sensation inside telling me to BE and DO rather than watch, with my freedom of speech, with my right to work, with my right to earn a living, with my right to choose my spouse…for better or worse, with my right to get rid of that spouse…who ended up for the worst, with my WWII memories, with my triumph over the British, French, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Japanese and soon to be Mexican…fuck all of you. With my right to visit Pearl Harbor, with my right to appreciate fallen soldiers, with my right to cry for those who have allowed me to be what I am today, with my right to fight for the AMERICAN freedom for others, with my right to fight for my family, with my right to fight for my country, with my right to accept my American government with its faults and horrible policy I may not always agree with, with my right to high five a congressperson on a job well done when earned, with my right to become and remain an American citizen, with my right to carry and honor my American flag with me always, with my right to cry during the singing of the National Anthem or America the Beautiful without being mocked by others, with my right to shiver at the sight of fireworks on the 4th of July, with my right to be. Me. An American citizen.

Whether you are for SB1070 or not, whether you are in agreement with Russell Pearce and Lindsay graham or not, one thing is certain- every last fucking one of the items listed above is worth fighting for, and earning. Tell me I’m wrong and I will verbally, physically and mentally punch you in the fucking mouth. To keep access to all of the aforementioned, I will fight in my country’s honor in whatever way it deems necessary. I’m not a soldier. I’m not in the military. But I’m a fucking American and these are the freedoms and rights I live for every single day. If someone told me I was going to have to fight a tough and lengthy battle to gain access to all of these things, I would do whatever it took without thinking twice. Why is it not the same for the rest of you? And if it is, high five. I applaud you.

For those of you who believe these things should be given to you simply because you’ve asked for them or because you are a human being…fuck yourself, and get the fuck out of my country.

After Judge Susan Bolton’s partial injunction ruling Wednesday, opponents of SB1070 had basically gotten what they wanted. The injunction negates the ability for police officers to A) automatically check immigration status, and B) require citizenship status papers to be on your person at all times. The only thing SB1070 has done is attempt to stop the exploitation of illegal immigrant workers on street corners.

Today, AFTER the injunction, downtown Phoenix was swarmed with protestors who are still bitching and moaning about SB1070, fighting for…their rights? Or something? I’m not sure, actually. And I’m not sure they are, either. At first, when I heard that there were protestors downtown, I automatically assumed that they’d be protestors in defense of SB1070, protesting against Judge Bolton’s ruling.


The protestors are the same protestors, mainly Hispanic, still bitching about their rights as American citizens. Well, wait a minute. If you’re an American citizen, of Hispanic descent or not, you’re fine and this does not apply to you. It isn’t about citizenship. It’s about the lack of. The title, illegal immigrant, sums it up. Most of us here are immigrants, of the legal variety. For those who are not, of course you’re worried. Illegal is illegal, no matter what country or state you’re in. If I go to Canada, as a non-Canadian citizen, and bitch and moan about my lack of rights…obviously I’m not going to get anywhere as it’s not my place to say, one way or another.

Some of the signs, as you may see in the article and pictures posted in this entry, are proclaiming ridiculous things like, “Stop Separations of Families!” Ok, idiots. I feel like we’ve covered this before. But if you’re an illegal alien, you’re going to have to suffer the punishment. Whether that’s being deported, or going to jail, you’re going to be separated from your family. That’s your own fault. Again, we’ll use Canada as an example. If I go to Canada with my family, and cross the border illegally and I’m arrested for doing so, I will be taken from my family and it will be my own damn fault. When you make a decision to do something illegal, whateverthefuck the reasoning for doing so is, you get to suffer the punishments. They are your own fault.

I’m all for a valid argument from either side. If you argue intelligently and coherently and understands what you’re arguing…more power to you, whether I agree or not. But to argue something that has not only already been decided on, in YOUR favor, but that doesn’t make sense in the first goddamn place…you should be punched in the mouth, verbally and physically.

The issue is going to be a long and drawn out one- there will be appeals, and potentially a Supreme Court hearing. Until then, shut the fuck up. Honestly. If someone were to ask any of the hundreds of idiots in downtown Phoenix protesting today, why they’re protesting, I promise that half wouldn’t have an answer, and the other half would state something to the effect of “we’re fighting for our rights!”

Er, what rights? Do you know what an injunction is? Can you read? And if not, has someone translated to you in Spanish what judge Bolton’s ruling means?

I’m all for SB1070, and I’m all for seeing judge Bolton’s decision appealed as I don’t agree with her argument and reasoning for ruling against the status check or requirement for carrying papers. Her ruling, essentially, was due to the inconvenience that it may cause for persons being checked, and the federal government, as it might overstep their pre-existing agenda. Yeah, what? The partial injunction was not due to the racially prejudice attempts at catching illegal immigrants, it was ruled so because of the inconveniences caused on these potential illegal immigrants. How fucking far out of whack are your priorities, Susan Bolton? Twit.

The actual argument AGAINST SB1070 is invalid. The deeper issue and cause for a lot of the immigration problems is the process and time necessary to get a green card, visa, or American citizenship. The office that handles such is years and years backed up. This is obviously a problem. Fuck amnesty and fuck SB1070. Work on making the process for becoming a LEGAL citizen more expedited, and decrease a lot of these issues over time…two birds, one stone. I’m no genius, but that makes a lot more sense to me than going through this same cyclical bullshit.

And seriously, protestors, go home. I’m embarrassed for you. Do you not understand how stupid you look, protesting a cause that you’ve technically won? Why are you still there? Do you know? You should all be slapped. With an American flag.