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I’m Not Sorry

Posted: January 8, 2019 in Uncategorized
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I try to pride myself on being tough, but only a select few – not limited to my dogs and Netflix playlist – understand that I’m entirely the opposite. I’m a sucker for the feels. I’m a gudgeon for a genuine love story. I’m a sap for stories of redemption, or just two older folks still flirting with each other after fifty years of marriage. My exterior is hard, my innards are soft and lined with a venomous passion that might someday be the death of me as it makes its way through my heart. I feel. And I feel hard. This is not an apology.

If I were to catalog the entirety of my dating history it’d be a long and ridiculous path toward frustration and let down. Why? I’m thirty-five, how have I not found ‘the one’? How have I not found any singular one to last long enough to keep me away from the chick flicks? I watch chick flicks as a means to remind myself that I’m not done yet, she hasn’t come, and it’s possible that she still will. They’re tacky and cliche and littered with loads of unrealistic plots and feelings that don’t generally happen in real life. But, what if they do? What if they have? What if they ARE? I don’t watch them with the hope to continue an unrealistic love story via film, no. I watch them to find a reason to stop watching them, to create my own. At this juncture I’ve got enough stories to write a book – “The Impassioned’s Playlist.” I’d never do that, of course, because I’d have to detail my shortcomings and those of my counterparts. I’m not here to put anyone on blast as the blame would be directed right back to me. They’ve ALL been my fault and here’s why, it’s the same reason for all of them: passion.

Do you guys ever watch a movie and cry during any and every scene trying to elicit some sort of emotion? Yeah me too, all of them. ALL of them. Do you ever hear a song and feel all of your hairs stand on end and your adrenaline rush straight from your heart to your eyes? Me too, all of them. Do you think that every feel-good movie is directed specifically at you? Me too, all of them. Do service dogs make you cry? Does the term animal cruelty make you want to stop everything and become a vigilante to save them all? And lastly, do you put every ounce into every relationship because you feel it’s the one, the end-all, be-all of great loves? Yeah me either, idiots. Who does that!? Jk, I do. It’s me. I’m referring to myself, halfwits. Of course there’s no jk. I feel on a level far greater than what I’m emotionally capable of handling. The two aren’t directly intertwined, emotion and feeling, you know. I feel intensely, passionately, fiercely. But I do not feel intelligently. I feel blindly. That’s not to say that my emotional intelligence is lacking. No, it’s to say that my emotional level is broken – there is no peak. The highs are uncontrollably high. And this is where the dating woes come in. I put in everything. There have definitely been the scenarios where I haven’t, but those are the ones that have taught me TO give it my all. I don’t take anything for granted anymore because I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve definitely lost – more than what most will ever have in a lifetime. But those losses have taught me to lover unabashedly. To feel uncontrollably. And to BE, passionately.

All of this is to tell you that I feel harder than I’m capable of controlling. And I don’t want to. I’d rather love scary hard and end up falling on my face, than love conservatively and dampen what I feel. The issue is not that I need to reel in these extremes, the issue is that no one, thus far, has been able to handle it. I don’t wait because time is fleeting. I don’t hold back because time is fleeting. I don’t hide what I feel because time is fleeting. I don’t love with anything less than an intense level, because time is fleeting.

My name is Ross, this is not an apology.


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I don’t own the rights to being a Cry Baby. 


If you read this title and your first thought was Gloria Lynne – message me, we’re meant to be best friends forever. This post isn’t a play on her song, I just wanted to let you all know I found happiness without directly typing out that “I found happiness,” because lame and uninteresting.

All emotions are rollercoasters of ups and downs, lows and highs, and finding stability amongst them is tough. Some people are emotionally intelligent enough to sort of control the up and downswings, but for most it’s a struggle. Do you remember the first time you tried jumping upward to grab the monkey bars? I was five or six before I even almost had a shot at reaching one of the bars without climbing up the cheat steps. I don’t have mad hops and I certainly didn’t when I was a midget of a child. How many times – no – how many years did it take to finally reach and be able to grab onto the bars and monkey yourself across? A lot, right? Happiness is a lot like that. Fucking trickster makes you think you’ve got it! And before you can grasp on with two hands, you’re staring straight up with dirt in your eyeballs, from your back. The millisecond when you’re finally able to grab a bar with one hand gives you this false hope that you’ve reached it, and immediately following that millisecond of happiness is pain and disappointment. Such is life – a fucking set of monkey bars. You know what, though, adult child? You’ll reach it one day and firmly grab on with both hands, and that’s where happiness lives.


K cool, Ross, what you’re saying is happiness is impossible to reach without being a child magician? No, Chad, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that to reach and stay attached to the monkey bars takes time and effort, practice and persistence. Your backside will be sore. Your heart will ache with underachievement. Your hands will blister. And your friends will make fun of you because they grew faster than you did.

…Why was everyone taller than me when I was a kid?

Once you’ve reached and maintained happiness, you’ll realize that the ups and downs aren’t an issue at all. They got you there. They strengthened your will, you mighty little fucker, you. And the moment you REALLY know you’ve reached it is when those let-downs arise, and they will, you’re still happy. You’ve maintained your grasp on those goddamn tetanus makers.

If you grew up without monkey bars, stop reading because you’re dumb and I hate you. But for all of the rest of Earth pre 2005, the lesson here is that let down will keep trying to find its way back into your life. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, it’ll come. But you’ve maintained. You’ve weathered. And you can handle it. I was going to bitch about a whole bunch of recent let downs, but because I don’t feel like outing those people (you know who you are, shitbags), I’d rather bask in my glory because I’m still happy. That, ladies and gentleman, is how I know I found happiness. It can’t be phased. I can’t be phased. The ups and downs will still come in droves and generally when you’re least prepared, but they won’t change my happiness – they haven’t yet.

Andddddd cue Gloria Lynne. I have this record and I sleep with it under my pillow. Is that weird? Oh.


Daily Gift

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This is a reminder to my older self – stop taking life for granted. Appreciate every second of it. Every single day is a brand new 24 hour gift to do whatever you want. Stop spending that valuable time on people or things that/whom are unimportant. I’m surrounded by amazing people and, all things considered, have a pretty amazing life – time to appreciate it and do something with it. It’s not just a civic duty, it’s personal obligation. Watch the video, no need to elaborate here.

Added bonus, you can now put my face and voice to all of the incoherent ramblings found in this blog or whateverthefuck. weird.


The odd title of this post translates to “good errors’ in Latin. I spent the past five minutes searching for Latin phrases similar to Carpe Diem without directly using carpe diem…because cliches are stupid. And five minutes later, this is the lackluster phrase I came up with. You know I’m going to explain why, but can we first take a moment to appreciate the juxtaposition?



Ellipsis and we’re back.


I’m not going to lie to you, these next few paragraphs contain the meaning of life in them. I mean it. They’re THAT profound. And by profound, I mean that I’m just slapping away at keys.  While I’m at it, let’s talk about the meaning of the Latin phrase, bonum errores. As aforementioned, that translation in English means ‘good errors,’ like a cheeseburger that’s going to ultimately cause heart failure, but tastes fantastic while being consumed. Or a lost $20 bill you later find in your jean pocket out of the dryer. Good errors. In the near future, I could potentially be making a myriad of good errors. In fact, it’s certain. Since my early twenties I’ve obsessed over the idea of traveling the world but it hasn’t ever really been feasible for one reason or another. If it wasn’t a lack of time it was a lack of money, and if it wasn’t a lack of money it was a lack of means to travel, and if it wasn’t a lack of means to travel, it was a lack of balls to just pick up and go, and if it wasn’t  a lack of confidence, it was a lack of stability. At present, all of those things are accounted for and I’ve already begun planning. I’ll be traveling the world. I have enough equity in my house to be able to travel for a handful of years without running out of money. Or, I could rent out my house and just travel for a couple months at a time, without losing assets. At this point, that’s the last thing I’m concerned with – both scenarios are attached to money and that’s exactly WHY I’ll be traveling – to let the fuck go. I’ve worked my face off, sitting behind a computer screen, and for what? I have a lot of stuff, things, possessions – but when I’m on my death bed, I’m not going to be telling tales about the Prada loafers I once had, or the multitude of BMWs in my garage over the years. Well, maybe the BMWs will still come up. But memories of traveling the globe, seeing things and places I never thought I would – THAT’S noteworthy. THAT’S the story I’d like to tell. And chapter 1 begins at age 33.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve made a ridiculous amount of money over the past few years so money isn’t an issue. I have no kids. I have no wife. I’ve put in my time and built a pretty phenomenal life for myself, and traveling the globe has always been my bucket list – the entire thing. And at 33 I’m going to make it a reality. By myself. There are 73,819,043,458 reason why TO make this happen, and maybe two reasons I shouldn’t. The two reasons: spiders in other countries, and not being able to dress up every day. That’s it. In exchange for getting over those two items, I’ll be able to stand in front of a pyramid in Egypt, built before technology made things easy, thousands of years ago and STILL standing. What the fuck, 2016. I’ll be able to see the island of Santorini which, based on pictures, is so beautiful it doesn’t even look like an actual place. I’ll be able to see Rome and Venice and Tuscan countryside. I’ll be able to see Thailand’s coast…from a hammock. On the beach. A fucking hammock on a Thai beach. I’ll be able to stay in castles in England and Scotland. Castles. Even typing this out seems surreal. I’m pretty sure I just giggled whilst typing castle. A fucking castle! How many of you have ever stayed in an actual castle!?

I’ve been blessed beyond words. This year was the best year of my life and the most fun I’ve ever had. So thanks, 2016, but 2017 is about to beat the shit out of you. The fun I’ve had this past year has been more so, ‘dude I can’t feel my face…carry me back from the beach,’ sort of fun. Going out and partying sort of fun. Seeing lots of things state-side sort of fun. I have a thousand amazing memories from this year and 999 terrible ones. None of that will amount to exploring Earth. I’ve never been so excited for anything in my entire life, and now’s the time to make it happen.

All of that said, it’s time to explore the other half of bonum errores. Mainly, the errores part of the expression. While this journey will be amazing, it will also come at the cost of tangible things, be it my job, or my house – or both. If I decide to travel long-term, I’d have to sell my house to pay off everything I owe and afford all travel expenses for a few years. So that sucks. I’d also have to quit a six-figure job, which seems absurd. But one of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year is that being “successful” on paper really nets just that, being successful, on paper. So what. Having tangible or paper success has netted me a whole bunch of stuff I can’t tell stories about. I’m full of way too much passion and intensity to let THAT be my story. So there will be some collateral damage, but why wouldn’t there be? And at the end of it all, will I really care? I’ve already come to terms with losing every physical belonging I have to gain the experiences I will from traveling the world. I’ll see places I’ve only dreamed about. I’ll taste foods I’ve only seen in magazines. I’ll meet people I didn’t think really existed. I’ll SEE historical artifacts and places I’ve only read about. And I’ll meet Brazilian and Swedish models, because that’s also part of the drill. It’s my story, I can create whatever I want. Shut up.

The beginning and end of this journey will, in every sense of the words, be life changing. I’m not doing it to find myself or to gain some spiritual awareness I’ve been lacking my whole life. I’m doing it because there isn’t a single thing holding me back, and a billion beautiful experiences to be had that can’t be accomplished from here. See ya, Arizona.

Also, because I’ll eventually be poor as shit, I’ll be creating a Gofundme page so feel free to donate to travel expenses. In return, you’ll get shitty blog posts from me daily, showing how amazing the rest of the world is while you sit at your keyboard sending me $5 at a time. Sounds pretty neat to me.

Bonum Errores.



I live a life I don’t deserve. It’s beautiful even when it’s not. There seems to be an endless amount of good constantly finding its way into my life and I’ve learned not to question it. I don’t need to know why they’re present to appreciate them. I do, however, make habit of discarding them just as often as they come. Why would anyone do that? Maybe the disadvantage is the delight.

Most people struggle to find happiness or even gain a grasp on what happiness means. It’s subjective so there is no right or wrong answer, just a feeling. I’ve been handed that feeling on a silver platter. Not sure how or why, but I’m always aware of the what, when and who. The whats seem to stick around the longest, the whos never do. That brings me to my disadvantage, a strange juxtaposition I’m not sure I want to question, but will anyway because that’s what I do. (These disordered thoughts are basically a jumbled conversation in my head spread out in some sort of uniform on…paper/screen. I talk to myself. The words reply.) My disadvantage: my life is too good. There, I said it. I don’t mean that to sound pompous and shitty. No. What I mean is that because my life is so great and because there’s a constant stream of beauty in it, I become reliant on it and take advantage without appreciating what my life actually consists of. I expect it to always be good, and it always is. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, my lack of appreciation for everything that comes my way is. I trade in dream cars for newer and faster dream cars. I trade six figure employment for higher six figure employment. I discard Armani shirts for Tom Ford suits. I replace perfect girlfriends with…other…perfect…girlfriends. And there’s my plateau. Humans. My want for something bigger and better and newer doesn’t affect possessions because they’re inanimate – they have no feeling, they don’t care what I do with them or how soon I replace them or how much attention I pay them. Humans, though, notice. They’re animate and filled with emotion and feeling and heart and soul. I love the fuck out of the human condition, but I also love that I am confident and comfortable in my own happiness. There again lays the juxtaposition – a delightful disadvantage, it seems.

What all of this rambling really means is that my life is absolutely amazing and I know at the end of each day it will continue. I’m not a billionaire. I’m not a model. I’m not a humanitarian. I’m just happy. But that ‘happiness’ is starting to deteriorate the sum of its parts. I’m not saying I’d like to be unhappy. That’d be stupid. I’m saying I love 18 year old MaCallan scotch in a Seahawk’s whiskey glass. I’m saying I let a lot of beautiful parts of my life go because I think I’ll still be happy afterward. I’m saying I push out amazing people because I know there are other amazing people to keep my life balanced. Consider Newton’s cradle: one ball hits another which sets the ball at the opposite end in motion, and the back and forth continues, equaling each other’s force, continuing in harmony. That’s my life. Picture it. That’s fucking boring. No change. Never out of line. Never off track. If one ball is removed, what happens? I wouldn’t know, I just replace them. But the replacements are lacking. They’re empty. They fill the void in the pendulum, but my heart is not a pendulum. The culmination of these beautiful messes impacts only the heart, the body remains the same.


Slamming Doors

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When one door closes, another opens, right? What happens if that door is slammed shut? Does another still open afterward? Is the effect still the same? These aren’t rhetorical questions, I really don’t have the answers. Obviously these are metaphors and have no tangible answer, but I’ve asked Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and the guy who works third shift at the gas station, and none seem to have an answer – or haven’t answered. So I’m asking you, internet page, does slamming doors shut continuously mean that others will never open?

I’ve said it a thousand times before and it remains true, I’m pretty blessed and my life is some sort of a fairy tale. That said, though, I’m still a human and I still encounter my battles, they’re just few and far between. But when they do arise I’ve noticed they’re a lot more dramatic and impacting than they would be for most. Not sure if that means I’m a drama queen or what, but I seem to be really good at blowing things out of proportion and slamming multiple doors shut, continuously. I’m not even sure how there are still doors to BE shut to begin with. Metaphorically, someone closes a chapter of their life by ‘shutting’ that door, right? I don’t. I slam the shit out of them. I want everyone around me for a 185,398,245 mile radius to hear the door being slammed and know that it was my doing. I want the person on the other side to hear the rumble and be too afraid to even look back at the door, let alone consider trying to pry it back open. And no one does. No one looks back. No one tries re-opening the door. I usually sit and wait for a bit and hear nothing. I see nothing. No squeak or cracking of the door’s hinges. No shadow underneath the door sill. No heavy breathing. No crying. No talking. Nothing. I slam doors so hard and so fast it seems to not only eliminate whoever is behind that unique door at that very instance, but reverberates to other doors being closed from the aftermath.

So I ask, not if there’s a difference between closing and slamming doors – obviously there is. But how? How do you close a door and assure that chapter’s done without having to slam it? I don’t know that I’ve ever closed a single door in my life, and I’m old as shit, so that’s a lot of doors. All of them have been slammed. And it isn’t just because I’m a black-or-white kind of guy, all-or-nothing type, it’s because I really don’t know how to segue into new doors without others being slammed the fuck shut. I need a life coach. Or patience. Or understanding. Or maybe just a reason not to slam anymore doors shut. I’ve grown accustom to the sound and feel. It doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m not startled by the slam. I’m not jolted by the vibration. I’m not afraid of the emptiness or quiet that lingers afterward. That’s what scares me. It isn’t the not knowing how, it’s the not caring THAT.

I’m never really alone as I’m surrounded by people all day long. And even when I’m not, there’s Reagan, always at my side, loyal as can possibly be. But he has a time frame attached to him. No matter how many times I’ve joked about finding a medical miracle and enabling him to live forever, it’s not realistic (at least not yet). When he passes, what am I left with? WHO am I left with? There are only so many doors left that people are willing to walk through, and I’m trying my damnedest not to slam them shut, too.



What if?

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What if I told you I need you right this second? What if I told you I needed you thirty-three years ago? What if I told you I’m useless to myself and everyone else in existence without you? What if I couldn’t say at all?

I’ve fought battles I didn’t know I was fighting, with opponents who didn’t know they were fighting, on playing fields that were meant for loving. Your void lead me to these battles like a tiger chasing it’s prey. But pray I did not. Love I did not. Care I did not. Learn I did not. And grow, I did not.

I found passion in a deep and hidden corner on the blackest of nights. I found love in a smile named death. I found perseverance in a dream called struggle. I found humanity in a dog named Reagan. I found warmth in stripping down naked.

But, I’ve not yet found you. What if I told you I’ve searched inside and out? What if I told you I’ve searched in the highest of highs and lowest of lows and came up empty?

What if, oh Strength, you’re not to be found at all? What if I don’t evince enough of you to even know where to begin?


I don’t know that I’d consider myself a wordsmith, but I am infatuated with impressive vernacular and diction – it’s sort of an aphrodisiac for me – a cerebral enticement that cannot be controlled. But that doesn’t mean I’m a wordsmith. A wordsmith would use the word, ‘druthers,’ in a very nonchalant and smooth placement that goes unnoticed. I don’t and can’t. I threw it out there right from the beginning as I’m not hiding your druthers or mine. Nay. In fact, I’m exploiting them in a celebratory way you’ll understand by the end of this jaunt.

My preferences on all things life have netted me a ton of awesomeness and equally so, an abundance of heartache and pain. I’ll take it – the good with the bad. I like what I like, I want what I want, I need what I need, and no one gets to tell me otherwise. And the same applies to YOU – your preferences are your own, and others may have a bearing on them, but influences are just that – influences. They don’t control or change your wants and likes without YOU consciously or subconsciously changing them, accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with that as influences only have as much power as we give them, and that’s what I wanted to chat with you about. We’re all our own person that’s been comprised of a billion different situations to lead us right here, reading this garbage blog, or in my case, writing it. We all have different stories, triumphs, failures and outside influences to make us our own. I’ve recently become infatuated with the opportunity that life brings. You’d think this would just be a given, but it isn’t. We all take it for granted. I take it for granted. I’ve made a pact with myself to no longer do that. I vowed to no longer take any opportunity life grants me for granted and to not just appreciate all of the opportunity I have, but to live said opportunity. I don’t want to just appreciate things from afar and spend time in thought – what I could or couldn’t do with all of the opportunity I have – rather, to hone and live them, every single goddamn day I have on Earth. Quick interlude: it’s been extremely difficult to not interject expletives left and right whilst vomiting my thoughts here, and I’m not sure if I’m sad or proud of it. More later – interlude over. I want my life to be full of substance and meaning and the obvious road to both is indulgence. Indulge. Just do it. Over and over. And then once more for good measure. These beautiful little openings to amazement are surrounding you even right now – grab ’em!

I just read that last paragraph and felt a little sick to my stomach, it’s a little touchy-feely and preachy and I don’t think I like it. Not yet anyway. That’s not where I’m going with this. I wanted to bring to light life’s bevy of opportunity. I’ve fallen flat on my face and had situations blow up in my face left and right recently. My poor face is a mess, apparently. Regardless, I’m not mad or regretful over the past few months’ circumstances, I’m thankful. I’m okay with taking some bumps and bruises along the way because each one of them leads me closer to my druthers. I’m not even sure what they are, but I’m learning. I’d bet none of you know, either. You probably think you do but it’s either because you’re an idiot or haven’t experienced enough. Go do that! More of it! I’m infatuated with life’s opportunities, even if they lead me straight to heartache and disappointment. I’m not even sure how my heart’s still beating as it’s been drained a lot recently. That’s OK, though. Again, I’ll take my lumps if it leads me closer to my Why, my What, my WHO.

My likes and wants and needs are what make me ME. I’m excited about who I am and who I have been and will be, and more importantly – could be. Every person you surround yourself with will have some sort of a bearing on who you are and who you become, and I love that. I love that I have the option of deciding who stays and who goes, who’s worth opening up to and who isn’t, who’s a positive influence and who isn’t. I’ve been told a lot lately that it makes me a negative and reserved person to have those views. Uh, you’re dumb. If there’s no positivity to be had, why keep the company? If someone isn’t for YOU at all, let ’em go and don’t look back. Loved ones are loved ones because they offer something amazing that can’t be replaced – the ability to help you become better. And vice versa, you’re in other people’s lives because you offer that same substance to them. That’s an amazing symbiosis that leaves me in awe.

I don’t want to feel like I’m a terrible person because I like or want something that someone else doesn’t, even if it’s someone close to me. I don’t want to look back and regret decisions I’ve made because of outside influences – I want to be able to take ownership of every decision I make and feel great about it. The onus is on me. I’ll take that responsibility and run with it until I’ve found my druthers. Search with me.



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If you’re of Japanese descent or have studied any portion of Japanese OR American history, the number 9066 probably rings a bell – a shrieking, screaming, painful, echoing bell. On this day, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 to remove ALL Japanese Americans to ‘internment camps’ so as not to cause issue during the time of war against the Axis Powers. Roosevelt and the US Government thought that there were Japanese spies in America so naturally it made sense to incarcerate them all. You know, just to be safe. This Order hits home with me as I’m a Japanese American. I’m thirty-two and wasn’t around in ’42, obviously, but my grandparents and their parents were. This is not a discourse on the importance of their lives or Executive Order 9066. No, this is no such thing – this is simply a change of tone.


The term ‘internment camp’ is, while politically fitting, socially incorrect. They were incarcerated. Jailed. Prisoned. Restrained. Restricted. Ripped of their American freedoms. Growing up I was taught a lot about freedom in general, not just because of my Japanese ancestry, but because it is WHY we are all here. America was to be a place of religious, social and political freedom without persecution – no fear of British or French infestation. You come, you work, you create, you’re free. To this day that is why I wake up every morning. It isn’t to make a lot of money and buy awesome things so I can look good for other people – it’s because I know I’m free. I’m free to do or say whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want. All decisions come with consequences, however, but I think that’s a pretty fair trade – don’t make a bunch of horribly bad decisions, keep your freedom. I’ll take it. That said, the Japanese American CITIZENS in 1942 did nothing of the sort; no bad decisions, no war crimes, no spying or betrayal, not one traitor found. Let me type that again so it sinks in – not one spy was ever found. Ever.


When these families were incarcerated they weren’t asked, they were forced. They lost their businesses, homes, money, belongings and more importantly, their freedom. These aforementioned items were never given back. Not after war. Not after finding a total of 0 spies. Never. My great grandparents owned a hotel in downtown Spokane, where I was born and raised. They lost it. They owned a home. They lost it. They lost everything they had earned with their two hands and free will. My grandpa, the most honorable man on Earth, ever, chose not to riot and throw fits and get mad. Rather, he chose to join the 442nd Regimental Combat Team for the US Army. Please read that sentence again. My grandfather, a Japanese American citizen, whose parents were incarcerated by the US Government, chose to fight FOR said government, against his own nationality – the Japanese. Again, re-read that and let that sink in. Can you even fathom that? Is it even registering? Until publicly being awarded a Congressional Gold Medal in 2011 for his role in the 442nd, my grandpa swore up and down he was a medic, cook, mail room attendant etc as he wasn’t to share his actual role. Turns out his job was intelligence, to seek any indication of Japanese American citizens passing information to Japan. He didn’t take this position to rat out his own, to gain American influence. Only he knows why. But knowing him, I’d bet my life it was for freedom. Freedom for his family, for their families, and their family’s families. He believed SO much in the concept of freedom that he fought in a war against Japan, as a Japanese citizen himself, while his parent’s sat restrained and empty of their belongings, FOR the very country that defamed his very name. How. Much. Honor. Does. That. Take. I still to this day cannot fathom how. And that is the reason for this post. How? It’s so easy to be angry today and every February 19th from hereon forever. It’s a reminder of a terrible wrong done to an innocent people who meant nothing but to take advantage of the American dream the world has always been taught.


I can’t lie, typing some of this out made me a little angry. But only for a second. My grandpa isn’t angry. My great grandparents weren’t angry. If you listen to or watch any of the thousands of interviews of those who were incarcerated or whose families were, not a single one of them seem mad. Why? Freedom.


Instead of reading all of the Facebook posts remembering today, The Day of Remembrance, I’m choosing to remember today in a positive light, not an angry one. It’s SO easy to be angry about it. But I’d rather respect it and respect those who suffered through it so that I can sit here typing my words freely without any worry of incarceration or treason. Today I’m not mad, today I’m honored to be a Japanese American.



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I think New Year’s resolutions are ridiculous. They’re limiting by default – why choose to work on one thing one time a year? Don’t bother. I think it’s sensible to have goals, but consistently and plural, goalS. Anyway, not posting to minimize your self-minimization. I’m posting to appreciate the shit out of this year, not just negate it by focusing on next year. I’m not ready yet.


In my early teens I couldn’t wait to become an adult, I thought life would be so  much more structured and simplified. That was a joke. My twenties were a mess of bad decisions, a destruction of my moral compass and a lack of ambition on pretty much all levels possible. It was awesome, but far less than structured and simplified. Thirties. The thirties are where it’s at. Pretty sure Sam Cooke was referring to your thirties in, “That’s Where it’s at.” Thirty was great, thirty-one was, too. Thirty-two has been a dream. Every morning I wake up waiting for something to go wrong, like this is a dream or I’m vicariously living someone else’s life and I’m just in some sort of delusional grandeur indefinitely. Nope, it’s my life. And why shouldn’t it be? I’ve worked my balls off, whatever that means. Just sounded fierce. I’m less attractive than I was last year. I’m 11lbs fatter, and it’s definitely not muscle mass, at all…ask my man pooch. I’ve cultivated a few gray hairs that I’m REALLY excited about in a go-the-fuck-away kind of way. My used-to-be-sort-of-awesome hair is now far outdated but I’m too comfortable with myself to change it. I wore tennis shoes four times this year. Four! Haven’t done that since pre-facial hair years – I dressed like a nard. I wear dress pants OUTSIDE OF WORK! Yeah, it’s true, not a joke. Try to stay calm, I’m not done yet. I haven’t shaved in two years probably and it hasn’t given me anxiety. And I’m Asian. Whaaaaaat? Point is, I’m uglier, fatter and have far less to offer the universe and it gets consistently worse every day from here. BUT. But…


I’m not complaining at all. This year was the absolute best year of my life by far. I don’t want to come up with goals for 2016, I’d just like to spend time in thought appreciating all things 2015. Yours might have sucked and you might think I’m a pompous asshole because I’m boasting about mine. What would that tell you about yourself? Read on. I’m not boasting because I know times are tough for everyone, everywhere, for a billion different reasons. All the more reason to feel so much gratitude for my year – I could have it so much worse. I could be struggling. I could be unhappy. I could be bitching and moaning and finding excuses why not to move forward instead of reasons to be happy. A super smart, maybe brilliant woman once asked me if ‘I wanted to be right or I wanted to be happy.’ Being wrong has never felt so great. I made a lot of bad choices, did a lot of wrong, turned down a lot of right, but I’ve never been happier.


I won’t list out specifically what’s made my year so phenomenal because it’d cheapen these words, plus I’m too lazy and don’t want to, because haircut. None of this was meant to be boastful, either. If, instead of being happy for someone else’s awesome year, you took this as a reflection of your own, you’re welcome, I just unintentionally psychology’d the shit out of you. Psychology’d. It’s a real thing. This is my sappy Cancer showing (NO pun intended, at all – Cancers are emotional vajays), but at least once a week I watch Jim Valvano’s ESPY Award speech from 1993. If you aren’t familiar with who he is or why this speech is critically important to YOUR life, watch it. Focus on the 2:20 mark, he lists three things I’m going to go do now in reflection. Be safe, kids. Happy 2016…I guess. Jk fuck that, happy 2015!