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If you were a child in the mid 80s to mid 90s you probably played with or are familiar with Lincoln Logs and/or Leggos. As a kid in the 80s these toys were the building blocks to my life, paronomasia intended. Vocabulary THAT, diction. I used to sculpt all sorts of crazy tall buildings, spaceships and communities of full-on toy awesomeness. Looking back, as I’m old as fuck now, Lincoln Logs were a sort of limited fun as you could only build house-like things as the ‘log’ pieces were made in only a handful of sizes. Leggos allowed for more creativity as there are endlessly shaped pieces, sizes and colors. Inevitably found in both sets of toys were pieces that just wouldn’t fit, whether because the wood was defectively carved, or the Leggo piece didn’t fit with whatever it was I was trying to create. Turns out I was learning life lessons via toys at the early age of 7. Every piece does not always fit.

I remember one time my dad and I decided to use every Lincoln Log piece to build the largest, tallest and most awesome log castle every built in the history of mankind. We used the larger pieces to build the base of the wood castle and added on piece by piece to build upward. Obviously my G.I. Joes and dinosaurs would need a tall ceiling to fit them all in to keep safe from monsters, duh. We continued to build upward until we reached near the end with the tallest Lincoln Log castle I’d ever seen right before my eyes. The roof was constructed of yellow and green flat pieces, and of course being the architectural geniuses that we were we built the roof at an angled pitch. The roof was almost finished! But, so were the pieces…we were missing a few which made for a giant hole in the giant castle. It looked awkward and unprotected. Off to the side we had tossed a few pieces…some of the logs were broken, a few of them were chipped and wouldn’t mesh with the other logs. And a couple roof pieces were deformed, discolored or oblong. After what seemed like MINUTES of collaborating, dad and I finally decided we’d leave out the defective pieces entirely and construct the rest of the roof with pieces of cardboard. We had created the most perfect, makeshift Lincoln Log castle of all time, ever. And we did it by leaving out the useless pieces that would have otherwise ruined our project.

I was 7. This toy-adaptation meant nothing to me at the time, outside of the awe I was in after building the monstrosity. But, what I’ve realized recently is that all of the pieces do not always fit. Sometimes some are close to fitting but just need a few adjustments made. Some you can use for projects later on down the road. Some can be used as scrap pieces. And some are just never going to be useful to whatever projects you dream up. And that’s entirely okay.

Life is a giant, endless project and you are its architect. The universe has afforded you the parts and pieces and the directions are up to you to write. Or not. You can follow other’s direction, you can make up your own, or you can wing it and make-do with what you’ve got. Whether you use every single piece presented to you or throw out some hindering parts here and there, it’s still your life and you’re still in charge of keeping the project moving forward…with the help of a few brilliant toy architects along the way, of course. Your mind is brilliant, let it be. Don’t hinder it. Most often, if something or someone’s in your way, you’ll already know and already be thinking about how to construct your castle without using it. There’s no such thing as obstruction. Adapt, reconfigure and carry on, little builders. Your masterpieces are in the making.