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Quit searching wiktionaries and online thesauruses. Stop pretending you’re reading this because of the title. No one knows what it means. Except the author, because he’s absolutely fucking brilliant, and modest.

A haiku is ephemeral beauty in brevity. A fatty cheeseburger is ephemeral brevity. A one-sided vinyl record is ephemeral brevity. Your attention span is, in some way, ephemeral brevity.

These two words simultaneously breached the bow of my frontal lobe earlier today, furiously, inspiring this mess of words. It’s odd to me that life itself is a death sentence. We all live, we all die. It’s the inevitable and there’s no way to stop it. Ever. Not even if you smell really, really great. Or have great taste in cardigan sweaters. It’ll continue for a certain, unknown period of time, and it’ll eventually stop. Sometimes it gives you clues beforehand that your journey might be coming to a close soon. And sometimes it gives no warning and that’s it. Done. You’re out. And what’s left? Everything. Every fucking thing. It’s never the end.

Each of our journeys are short in the grand scheme of things. But the things we create are what’s left behind for others, for eternity. So though life is in and of itself, ephemeral for each of us, it really isn’t. It lasts forever. In dreams. In words. In lyrics. In writings. In poems. In movies. In pictures. In memories. In candy bars. What?

I was sitting on my floor tonight going through all of my records – I have an unhealthy amount, and I love them more than I love you. Some of these artists astonish me every single time I listen to them. I’ve listened to each a couple hundred times over, but the amazement is always true. A lot of these artists like Louis Armstrong, Gloria Lynne and Smilin’ Joe left their marksĀ behind decades ago, but they’re still here and now, though they are physically not. Sometimes I want to be angry about the human condition. My grandma passed away recently. She was no ordinary woman. She was the end-all, be-all of amazing women. She was in a league of her own and she was my everything. I was mad, I’m not sure who I was mad at, but I was mad that she left. Anger aside, I’m left with a bazillion memories of her that stay with me forever…or until I’m gone, which is the point of this I suppose. Life is ephemeral. And everything we do in our time here is done with some sort of brevity. So though loved ones and amazingly talented people pass every day, it is the things they left behind that give me some sort of ironic appreciation for the ephemeral brevity that is life. It is to be cherished. So do it. Right now. Get the fuck out of here and go appreciate something!