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This month marks the 3 year mark for my residence in Arizona. In July of 2007 I packed up a shitty little Toyota Corolla, which got something close to 168,343 miles per gallon, and left Spokane, WA with my girlfriend at the time, Satan, and $400 to my name. I had so few belongings that I couldn’t even halfway fill the Corolla. Sad, I know. Now, I move and it takes 2 twenty-six foot Uhaul trucks to hold all of my stuff (I’m a pack-rat and it’s my mother’s fault). Anyway, off we went. I figured it’d be more fun to drive and see a part of the country I had never seen. I apparently suck at figuring. I got sick on the way down, and the drive itself was miserable as Satan was more worried about the timing than the enjoyment of the road trip to Arizona. We passed by a lot of neat places, but didn’t stop at a single one. Awesome.

The farther south we got, the less green things became. I was used to Washington’s greenery, which is a dark and healthy green, everywhere. Not so much the case for Utah and Arizona. Still, devoid of greenery, both southern Utah and Northern Arizona had a lot of amazing scenery to enjoy. The whole drive down, all 239,723 hours, it seemed, I noted places that I wanted to go back to since they weren’t far from the Phoenix area. Three years later, I still haven’t made it to very many of those places. Actually, I haven’t made it to a single one. Being a grown up is a tough job, apparently. It takes responsibility and leaves me short on time to have fun. Peter Pan?

This past Saturday, a friend and I drove up to Willow Springs lake and Bear Canyon Lake to do some fishing. He’s from Washington as well, and can appreciate the need for time spent in the outdoors, away from obnoxious people who consume the greater Phoenix valley. We left at about 4am and made it there in about two and a half hours. It didn’t seem that long, and the cloudy sunrise was still pretty serene. Just a bit past Payson and right before Willow Springs, there was fog…actual fog! I hadn’t seen fog in who knows how long as it’s never cold or humid enough in the valley. It was oddly comforting to see. Willow Springs Lake itself was beautiful and surprisingly full for 6:30 in the morning. It was chilly, sunny, and extremely peaceful. I loved it.

After a few beers, a nap, and a few hours of watching one obnoxious dude catch a bunch of tiny fish while everyone else was 0-for, we decided to explore the rest of the area and headed toward Bear Canyon Lake. The only way to get there is a long and shitty dirt road, which was muddy due to the rain. Hello, Washington. The smell of rain and forrest was more than refreshing. I forgot how much I used to enjoy that smell. Actually, I forgot what it smelled like all together. It also made me realize that though Washington itself sucks balls overall, it is amazing as far as its outdoor activities and availabilities go. I missed it. Maybe only for a few hours. But I missed it all the same.

So thank you, Arizona, for bringing me back to Washington. That sentence made sense, shut up.