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The odd title of this post translates to “good errors’ in Latin. I spent the past five minutes searching for Latin phrases similar to Carpe Diem without directly using carpe diem…because cliches are stupid. And five minutes later, this is the lackluster phrase I came up with. You know I’m going to explain why, but can we first take a moment to appreciate the juxtaposition?



Ellipsis and we’re back.


I’m not going to lie to you, these next few paragraphs contain the meaning of life in them. I mean it. They’re THAT profound. And by profound, I mean that I’m just slapping away at keys.  While I’m at it, let’s talk about the meaning of the Latin phrase, bonum errores. As aforementioned, that translation in English means ‘good errors,’ like a cheeseburger that’s going to ultimately cause heart failure, but tastes fantastic while being consumed. Or a lost $20 bill you later find in your jean pocket out of the dryer. Good errors. In the near future, I could potentially be making a myriad of good errors. In fact, it’s certain. Since my early twenties I’ve obsessed over the idea of traveling the world but it hasn’t ever really been feasible for one reason or another. If it wasn’t a lack of time it was a lack of money, and if it wasn’t a lack of money it was a lack of means to travel, and if it wasn’t a lack of means to travel, it was a lack of balls to just pick up and go, and if it wasn’t  a lack of confidence, it was a lack of stability. At present, all of those things are accounted for and I’ve already begun planning. I’ll be traveling the world. I have enough equity in my house to be able to travel for a handful of years without running out of money. Or, I could rent out my house and just travel for a couple months at a time, without losing assets. At this point, that’s the last thing I’m concerned with – both scenarios are attached to money and that’s exactly WHY I’ll be traveling – to let the fuck go. I’ve worked my face off, sitting behind a computer screen, and for what? I have a lot of stuff, things, possessions – but when I’m on my death bed, I’m not going to be telling tales about the Prada loafers I once had, or the multitude of BMWs in my garage over the years. Well, maybe the BMWs will still come up. But memories of traveling the globe, seeing things and places I never thought I would – THAT’S noteworthy. THAT’S the story I’d like to tell. And chapter 1 begins at age 33.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve made a ridiculous amount of money over the past few years so money isn’t an issue. I have no kids. I have no wife. I’ve put in my time and built a pretty phenomenal life for myself, and traveling the globe has always been my bucket list – the entire thing. And at 33 I’m going to make it a reality. By myself. There are 73,819,043,458 reason why TO make this happen, and maybe two reasons I shouldn’t. The two reasons: spiders in other countries, and not being able to dress up every day. That’s it. In exchange for getting over those two items, I’ll be able to stand in front of a pyramid in Egypt, built before technology made things easy, thousands of years ago and STILL standing. What the fuck, 2016. I’ll be able to see the island of Santorini which, based on pictures, is so beautiful it doesn’t even look like an actual place. I’ll be able to see Rome and Venice and Tuscan countryside. I’ll be able to see Thailand’s coast…from a hammock. On the beach. A fucking hammock on a Thai beach. I’ll be able to stay in castles in England and Scotland. Castles. Even typing this out seems surreal. I’m pretty sure I just giggled whilst typing castle. A fucking castle! How many of you have ever stayed in an actual castle!?

I’ve been blessed beyond words. This year was the best year of my life and the most fun I’ve ever had. So thanks, 2016, but 2017 is about to beat the shit out of you. The fun I’ve had this past year has been more so, ‘dude I can’t feel my face…carry me back from the beach,’ sort of fun. Going out and partying sort of fun. Seeing lots of things state-side sort of fun. I have a thousand amazing memories from this year and 999 terrible ones. None of that will amount to exploring Earth. I’ve never been so excited for anything in my entire life, and now’s the time to make it happen.

All of that said, it’s time to explore the other half of bonum errores. Mainly, the errores part of the expression. While this journey will be amazing, it will also come at the cost of tangible things, be it my job, or my house – or both. If I decide to travel long-term, I’d have to sell my house to pay off everything I owe and afford all travel expenses for a few years. So that sucks. I’d also have to quit a six-figure job, which seems absurd. But one of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year is that being “successful” on paper really nets just that, being successful, on paper. So what. Having tangible or paper success has netted me a whole bunch of stuff I can’t tell stories about. I’m full of way too much passion and intensity to let THAT be my story. So there will be some collateral damage, but why wouldn’t there be? And at the end of it all, will I really care? I’ve already come to terms with losing every physical belonging I have to gain the experiences I will from traveling the world. I’ll see places I’ve only dreamed about. I’ll taste foods I’ve only seen in magazines. I’ll meet people I didn’t think really existed. I’ll SEE historical artifacts and places I’ve only read about. And I’ll meet Brazilian and Swedish models, because that’s also part of the drill. It’s my story, I can create whatever I want. Shut up.

The beginning and end of this journey will, in every sense of the words, be life changing. I’m not doing it to find myself or to gain some spiritual awareness I’ve been lacking my whole life. I’m doing it because there isn’t a single thing holding me back, and a billion beautiful experiences to be had that can’t be accomplished from here. See ya, Arizona.

Also, because I’ll eventually be poor as shit, I’ll be creating a Gofundme page so feel free to donate to travel expenses. In return, you’ll get shitty blog posts from me daily, showing how amazing the rest of the world is while you sit at your keyboard sending me $5 at a time. Sounds pretty neat to me.

Bonum Errores.